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Flare Up and Alone

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Hello all. I am still very new to all that is UC. I was diagnosed in July 2018 just 3 days before moving to South Korea. I am living in Sourh Korea now and plan to live here for the rest of my life. I have seen a dr here, but it was only to get a refil prescription for my Pentasa (suppositories).

I think I am in a flare because there is mucus in my stool and sometimes it looks like there is puss when I wipe. I also sometimes see blood when I wipe, but due to my implanon (contraception) I spot a lot. So not sure if it is vagina l blood or anal blood.

My doctor back home only diagnosed me and put me on Pentasa and said to use it every night for a week and then ever 2nd night for a long time until I have no more symptoms (then like 1-2 times a week). I have been using it for every 2 weeks now for a while, because in November and December 2018 I was very sick many times and the doctors here put me on two rounds of antibiotics. I have been using it everynight now for the last week since I googled "what is the white stuff in my poo". I did not know that mucus was one of the symptoms.

I feel really uneducated, confused, tired (like really tired) and alone. The doctors here in my town only speak very little English or nothing at all. My husband usually goes with me, but he will be working every day this week (he works shifts).

So until I find myself a really good English speaking doctor. I really need help.

What can I do???? I am already using Pentata every night. I am trying to do research on anti-inflammatory food so I can eat more healthy. I yoga almost every day (Sarah Beth Yoga is amazing!!! She also has UC. I have been following her for guidance and advice on her YouTube channel). I also do light cardio exercise with light weights about 2 times a week. I try to drink 2l of water a day. I also drink plenty of oolong tea in the morning. I make my own kefir milk and drink about 200ml n day.

Also, I have always used a hot pack on my stomach for my IBS cramps for years now. Can I still use a hot pack for my stomach now (with UC and using pentasa)? What about enemas? Should I do them regularly or not at all?

I just needed to talk to someone about how I feel. I really feel so tired, stressed and alone.

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Hello! When you were diagnosed in the UK, was this by your GP or by a gastroenterologist? Did you have blood tests/stool sample/colonoscopy - the usual ways to confirm the diagnosis? You mention IBS. Could it have been UC all along? I wonder if there is a big city hospital somewhere nearby where they would have a specialist to see who might speak English? Is healthcare free in S Korea? You may well need some stronger meds as Pentasa is a very basic treatment. Wishing you luck in finding help!

Hello. I am from South Africa and went to a gastroenterologist. She did a colonoscopy - but not full one (I can not remember the name now). I think they did a blood test (but I am not sure) and I was not asked to give a stool sample. Also, to be more spesific (I should have mentioned this, sorry), I have Proctitis. I have never had bleeding before, last year was the first time. I did have a full colonoscopy done (maybe) 5 years or so ago and all was normal. The doctor could not find anything wrong. I also think I might need to go to a bigger city for help. Thank you so much for the reply!

Hi so sorry to hear this .

Try. Not to worry as it will make you feel worse and effects the IBD.

Sounds like you are doing lots of good things to help especially the excercise.

My daughter uses the pentasa suppository every day they are only 1g and you must need them.

My daughter also takes the pentasa granules 1g each x 2 in the morning and two at night.

These are inflammation drugs not steriods.

Or you could ask for pred foam enema which is 20g and you can ask if they will prescribe it for 6 week course. My advise is first get a good gastro doctor out there who will look inside and see how inflamed you are. The above meds will help if the doctor feels you need them. These drugs have helped my daughter.

Or sometimes they give a short course of predisolone steriod to calm it all down but once you start coming off them a smaller amount each week . You will then need a maintenance medicine to keep you maintained. This illness is all about being maintained and then if you are lucky enough to slowly do every other day or 3 times a week with meds if your body is happy with this.

My daughter finds taking one co codamol once a day or every other day at the moment only helps with the cramps and stops the urge to go to the loo.

Good luck

Thank you soooo much for all your tips! I am still looking for an English docotor, but here whete I live there are none. So I will habe to look at some of the bigger cities close to me.

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