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Flexible sigmoidoscopy

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I’ve suffered with ulcerative colitis for over three years and because of toilet changes now up to five times a day mainly loose but not necessarily diarrhoea and also seeing unopened octasa tablets in the stools they booked me for a flexible sigmoidoscopy.

Now before the scope they changed my meds from octasa 6x800mg daily to salafalk granules 2x1.5G daily this worked well until the day of the scope.

The scope indicated diverticulosis as well as UC ,biopsies were taken by the endoscopist and although there were no nasties there was mild inflammation in left colon,no erosions and no luminal bleeding.

Since this happened 5 days ago I’ve been in constant pain with stomach cramps and continually emptying out , well back to 5 times and also night visits.

My IBD nurse tells me it could be caused through the sigmoidoscopy ( the after effects of Entonox), come on 5 days seems along time to me. She prescribed buscapan cramps and told me this alieviate the pain and settle it down, but then she said if after a week it hadn’t she would prescribe some budenfak foam enemas which would.

I have a doctors appointment for the 22nd June when I should get the biopsy results . I’m not sure now whether my current problems are due to UC or diverticular disease.

Has anyone had this sort of situation happen to them in the past, any replies could be very helpful to me.

Thankyou Lynda x

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Sorry to hear of your problems with sigmoidoscopy, Having had the sigmoidoscopy myself a number of times it leaves me feeling a bit bloated but not having the problems you are experiencing. I know people who have diverticulitis and they experience your symptoms, so perhaps that's the reason.Hope your doctor can help you, which I'm sure they will.

God bless.

Thanks can any of your friends help me with this I had very loose stools since having it done the wind and pain has gone just left with loose stools thanks Lynda x

Sorry for asking you again but I was told that taking fybogel satchets containing ispaghula husk would or could potentially bulk up my stools and maintain regularity.Any ideas on this, sorry again for keep asking questions..

Lynda x

My sister in law has diverticulitis and she has been taking fybogel and I think something called colofax not sure if it's the right name but it's a bit like buscopan. XX

Thankyou so much you have been such a great help 😊 x

Like you, I've had colitis for several years, and was on the Salofalk version of Mesalazine - both oral and rectal (suppositories). I've never tried Octasa. Also, like you, they stopped working, and I had a gradual increase of symptoms. I don't fully understand why one version of oral Mesalazine works, and another doesn't - in your case you say the Octasa stopped working, but the Salofalk seemed to make things better until the 'scope upset your apple cart. I think it's something to do with the location in the bowel/colon where each medication starts to be activated.

Anyway, the solution I found, was to go to something a bit stronger in the short term. I asked for Budenofalk rectal foam - it's got a mild'ish steroid called Budesonide as active ingredient. For me it worked a treat. So if they've offered it to you, I'd ask for it right away. You could also ask about a short course of the oral equivalent, called Cortiment, which addresses inflammation further up than the foam can reach.

I don't know anything about diverticular disease.

Good luck!

Thankyou so much for that yes the meds were working fine , I will ask for the foam tomorrow hopefully it will work x

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