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So, I've had gastro issues now since October last year, severe stomach cramps on my lower left side near my hip, chronic diarrhea every day, recently at least 6-7 times a day, rumbling stomach, cracked lips, ulcers which keep getting infected in my mouth, I've lost over 3 stone in weight since December, rectal bleeding sometimes. I've cut dairy/lactose out of my diet completely, and tried gluten/wheat free which helped for a short while but then started again. I've had a colonoscopy in February, which was "normal" and so were biopsies. I've tried Buscopan, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Codeine, Cocodamol, Loperamide-which block you up and then it's so bad when you do "go". I've been under Gastro team at the hospital since December after my Fecal Calprotectin was 222. Currently waiting for an MRI, which I could be waiting till May for. I went to my GP today and the doctor said it is all in my head, because colonoscopy and blood results are "normal", there is nothing medically wrong with me. I have suffered from depression for about 4-5 years, but on no medication for 4 months, and the doctor saying its in my head is very annoying for me.

Can Crohn's / Colitis be missed on a colonoscopy? Can it be present elsewhere? Would an MRI definitely show Crohn's?

Does it sound like Crohn's? Don't know about family history as my mother is adopted, and no contact from my father, but could be possible?

Could it all be in my head? But how can diarrhea be in your head when it's a physical symptom?

Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance

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Don't trust docs when they say it's in your head. That's their get out of jail free card. And a 'fuck-off, I don't know signal.'

You said you have infected ulcers? What antibiotics did you take? For how long? Did it relive some of your symptoms while on it? Hopefully something that targets campylobacter because docs missed that with me because it doesn't cause inflammation or a fever - just messes with blood vessels.. which doesn't become a problem until blood flow to your liver (or testicles) is fucked up. It feels like cramps when the blood flow is messed up.

And this might be a stretch, but you may have a bacterial abscess in your body somewhere such as your liver which is causing diarrhea symptoms. The cramps may be your blood vessels getting a bit fucked up from changing blood pressure or infection near where your getting cramps.

Next time you take antibiotics, make sure your getting plenty of vitamin c, vitamin e, and other anti-oxidants. So that dead bacteria and flesh aren't protecting live ones. And maybe cranberry juice.


Right!! Bare with me a minute!!! Arghhhhhh !!! I swear to god Doctors nead some serious educating on IBD signs, symptoms etc !!! It really makes me angry how people are being treated with these conditions because doctors can't see what's staring them right in the face!!! And NO it's not in your mind. The amount of weight you have lost it a typical of IBD. I have had colitis and currently have Crohn's/colitis and I nearly died before I was diagnosed. You know something isn't right and we know our own bodies better than anyone else. As you have an MRI in May you might want to go to A and E and tell them what's happening to you and how much you are suffering. Tests will be done for you there. It can take up to 6 weeks to get results back from MRI where as you'd get them pretty quick if you go to A and E. obviously I'm not a doctor!! But having experienced what I have that's where I would go to!! A and E. you certainly need another doctor!! There are some fantastic doctors, but some haven't a clue.Trust your own instincts don't doubt yourself.

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