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Colonoscopy today... I'm worried about findings


Hey.... a little worried 🤔 So I had my colonoscopy today 8 years on from my last and the found a 10mm sessile polyp.... they removed it successfully and then took up to 15 biopsy 😳😳

Is this just..., Yes you have definitely got Chron's or is this worse.....

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Ask whoever ordered the colonoscopy to explain the results to you. They may not bother to contact you if the results are negative. Best wishes for a good outcome.

It all depends on what they find in the biopsies. I had a colonoscopy done where they immediately upon site found my colon/small bowel was full of inflammation, they took over 30 biopsies from throughout the inflammed area...waited 3 months for the results to be told NO sign of Chron's. Now that being said, I was also told if I wasn't in the middle of a flare up at the time of the biopsies that Chron's may not of been apparent in the biopsies. Chron's is such a sneaky disease, you can go years before getting a proper diagnosis. And there is NO blood work to determine Chron's, only through biopsies and ongoing symptoms can a GI specialist diagnose Chron's.

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Thank you, I'm sure when I was under he said no signs of Chron's however my last colonoscopy was 8 years ago....and it was clear, so this 10mm sessile polyp has developed in that time. Obviously due to persistent daily sickness and dioreha. I can not seem to regain my weight or even eat properly at the moment.

Just feeling very frustrated and a little worried 😩

<HUGS> Hang in there.

Sam50 in reply to MeLee38

Thank you xx

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