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Colonoscopy prep

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I have a colonoscopy tomorrow afternoon. I’ve been given the citromag prep due to vomiting on moviprep for a flexible sigmoidoscopy. But I’ve unfortunately now been sick, I’d already taken a whole sachet of it around an hour and a half before taking the half a sachet which I vomited about 40 minutes after taking. I’m just freaking out because I don’t want this to be wasted effort and for my bowel to not be clear 😔

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Relax and don’t stress yourself, if you start vomiting again the best thing to do is to take a break. Drink the prep with a straw, I noticed that when I drank it directly from the glass that it gave me a gag reflex and the straw helps because it gives you a steady flow of prep. If you can’t handle the taste of the prep then suck on a lemon or an orange wedge !

To make the prep more palatable I add lots of ice, mint leaves, orange or lemon wedges. Make sure to drink LOTS of clear liquids to wash down your prep, you can drink apple juice, black tea, 7up/Sprite basically any clear liquid. Alternate between prep and clear juice so you don’t get sick of the taste.

Good luck on your colonoscopy ! ♥️

Thank you! I’ve rang the hospital because that’s what it says to do if you vomit and my consultant said to the person on the phone that we should abandon it for today if I’ve vomited up the second sachet. I pleaded and said it was only half a sachet because I had another half to take this morning. She said I should ring back and let them know how I get on with it this morning, I am gonna be absolutely devastated if they say they can’t do it. I’ve been through 3 days of feeling rubbish for this and was looking forward to getting some reassurance/answers.

Hey, it’s good a thing that you called the hospital and let them know ! I wish you the best of luck, keep an open mind and don’t stress. I hope your results turn out great 👍🏼

Yeah I was just trying to do things right, I’ve rang the hospital again and I think it’s all good now because I managed to keep this morning’s down 🤞

Yes, that’s great news !

Please keep us posted and tell us how it goes 😄

I feel like it’s my own fault, because I felt pressure to keep to their guidelines and maybe should have had a bigger break between the two of them 😔

Is this your first colonoscopy ? When I had to drink 1500ml of prep for my first colonoscopy it was advised to take a 15 minute break between each glass and to drink clear liquids between each glass of prep.

I’ve had a flexible sigmoidoscopy before, but this is my first colonoscopy. Last time when I had moviprep it made me sick, which is why I was given a different one this time -citromag. I think it was definitely more manageable because it’s a much lower volume of liquid but unfortunately I was still sick. I think a bigger break between the first sachet and half of the second one would have been better. I managed the one this morning okay though, I just hope it’s all clear. I had to take senna on Tuesday night so I’ve been feeling rough since then. It’s not fun is it!? Kinda scared about sedation as well, are you sedated when you have them?

I’ve had a colonoscopy 5 times, and I can assure you that the worst part of it all is drinking the prep. Yes you will be sedated for the procedure, but it’s quick and painless and it’ll literally end in a blink of an eye (you’ll know what I’m talking about after you have the colonoscopy).

The medical team will explain everything to you and will help you relax, the procedure takes between 15-30 mins. Make sure you don’t drive after the procedure though, it’s a good idea to have a companion with you. I tend to do stupid things after I wake up from the sedation, I once wanted to leave the hospital with nothing but underwear on. Thank god my sister was with me and stopped me before I could embarrass myself any further 😂

As you say the procedure was absolutely fine! I freaked out a little when I got onto the ward so my heart rate was high, but that just meant I had oxygen all the way through. I immediately felt myself go a bit woozy when the sedative was put in but not massively. I did talk a bit of rubbish saying my pulse monitor wasn’t on when in fact it was on the other finger 😂 Apparently he didn’t use that much sedative, but I did also have gas and air for if I needed it. I felt fine afterwards, it was about an hour later when I started feeling crazily tired. No awful pain during the procedure and seemed to be feeling less bloated and windy afterwards than when I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy. I freaked out a little when I found out I needed an mri afterwards, but apparently it’s due to some inflammation/distortion in my small bowel. They couldn’t see all the way but have taken some biopsies, the nurse told me they’re checking for things like crohns or colitis.

Hey ! I’m glad your colonoscopy went well, I’m so happy for you my dear ♥️

God forbid you have Crohn’s or UC, but if it so happened that you do then I and many people in this community are here for you !

I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous especially to people who have those diseases but those 2 are my ‘better’ options, purely because I was so terrified about them finding bowel cancer. Obviously I’d rather have none of those things but I’m not sure that’s possible with the symptoms and the way I’ve been feeling. I guess the mri and biopsies will shed some light!

I really hope you don’t find it insulting me saying that because I know you’re on so many medications and it stops you from being out in the sun and everything, which obviously isn’t fun. I was just so scared of being given some sort of terminal diagnosis. So was seeing anything else as a blessing.

The worry will still be there until the mri results are back. I know that I haven’t lost any weight so I’m not sure if ibd is likely...

Don’t worry my dear you haven’t insulted me at all, I know that you’re afraid and it makes total sense that you would pray for anything other than Cancer.

I’ve had constant bleeding for 8 years and I thought I had cancer, but I ended up having Crohn’s disease. I know exactly how you feel, it’s very terrifying but it gets better later on when you start taking medication and changing your diet, so have hope and don’t worry or stress ♥️

Oh bless you! Mine is more very regular bowel movements, pain and bloating. I have some bleeding but not constantly and definitely not for that time span. Thank you for your support and reassurance!

I was drinking so much water that I hope it was mainly water that came up rather than prep but I guess there’s no way of knowing 😔 I’m scared about the procedure but I want it doing!

It’s also a good idea to take a break from drinking water when you feel super full.

When I feel like my stomach is full of liquids I stop and wait for a bowel movement then I start drinking liquids again.

Hahaha that made me laugh, oh dear well at least I won’t know what I’m doing!

Hi! Hope you don’t mind me asking but did you get any further with investigation? I’m asking because my symptoms sounds quite a lot like yours with constant bloating amd discomfort, but no bleeding. I definitely feel that something is wrong on my right hand side abdomen and waiting for my colonoscopy. Sorry to hear what you were experiencing during prep, but I’m glad the actual procedure went well!

Hiya! I don’t mind at all. They referred me for an mri because they found possible inflammation or distortion in my small bowel and they can’t get that far up. I’m still waiting for the results of that though, I have an appointment in a couple of weeks so it’s just an anxious time until then! I figure they would call if it’s anything awful though. Do you know when you are having yours?

I’ve just seen on your profile that you have the raised stool levels which I don’t have, it’s all very odd I have no idea what is going on with me! I’m scared they will find something bad but at the same time scared they won’t find anything at all!

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