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High calprotectin and borderline liw vitamin d

Hi all just after some advice or anyone with similar symptoms

For the last year ive had diarreah then constipation..

occasional blood when i wipe pain under my ribs and burning feeling in my upper adomen

Had a blood test in july last year and ultrasound which came back normal..i paid for a fecal occult blood test from a private lab which came back clear i was back and to to the drs and all they said was it was in my head!!! My last visit in october i went mad as i know something isnt right so then they agreed to send me to a gastroenterologist.

So far in dec ive had blood tests , fecal sample and an ultrasound.

Blood test shows borderline low vitamin d

fecal sample shows increased calprotectin 95

ultrasound was normal

Ive been reffered for a full colonoscopy next month of which im terrified ( i suffer anxiety and panic attacks so you can imagine how i feel !)

Has anyone else had the same symptoms as me that could give me any ideas of what this may be


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Hi, I agree your calprotein levels are high (below 50 for non bowel disorders) but I would of thought blood tests would of shown more than low vit D. usually blood inflammatory markers are raised. inflammatory markers used are CRP, ESR or PV. ultra sounds are not the best diagnostic tool, unless pregnant or looking for gallstones/kidney stones,so dismiss that. Usually IBD symptoms are, urgent diarrhoea, blood is passed in the stool, not just on wiping (may be haemorrhoid from constipation), mucus, cramping pains as though your bowels are being used by a sadistic clown to make balloon shaped animal! diarrhoea is frequent and often several times a day, and can be night too. Would you mind sharing your all your symptoms. you can message me privately through health unlocked (go to Help in green banner at top of page) if you prefer. I may be able to give you some more advice then.

take care x


Sorry meant to say colonoscopy's are not that bad, and they can give you sedation to help. is there anything in particular you are afraid of x


Hey i dont mind sharing last week i had a bit of bright red blood in a normal shaped stool..did strain to get that all my symptoms mucus in some bowel movements , bloated look although my upper abdomen is not hard, no weight loss, numbness in back of knee, back stiffness constantly for over a year, diarreah...sometimes urgent...constipation or diarreah..hardly ever normal itchy anemiA panic attacks sleepless nights pains under ribs and kidney area blurred vision in one eye palapatations oh and tirdness im 35 non smoker but drink/ have drank a lot since my mum died last jan x


Oh and an oily film after bowel movements


The oily film along with bloating, abdo pain, back ache and tiredness makes me suspect gall bladder or even liver probs whereby your not digesting fat and fat-soluble vitamins properly (Vit A,D,E,K). constipation and straining is not a usual symptom of IBD, and the fact you have not lost weight is another reassuring sign.

I think your GP should do a liver function blood test, which should include bilirubin levels for gallbladder x


hi thanks for your reply. i have majorly itchy skin too.. do you think i should still have the colonoscopy? i think he did a liver function test but nothing showed up just the vitam d deficiency


Itchy skin is also symptom of gallbladder/liver probs. I would continue with colonoscopy, but go back to GP and ask if he can repeat liver function test and include Gamma GT. What colour are your stools if you dont mind me asking


hi there. they are dark brown sometimes medium brown , would the ultra sound not have picked up any issues is enlarged liver etc?


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