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Raised calprotectin 500 bloating and uncomfortable on right hand side abdomen


Hi all!

I’ve been having symptoms for about two years now. It started with bad sickness feelings, food coming back up (not just acid) and tiredness. I’ve been taking Omeprazole and currently take Pantoprazole. Done various blood tests, helicobacter H. pylori breath test, abdominal and vaginal ultrasound, gastroscopy with no abnormalities. I finally had a stool test which showed raised level of calprotectin (500) so am now awaiting a coloscopy.

My main symptoms at the moment are extreme tiredness, irregular stool textures often diarrhoea, a feeling that something isn’t right on my right hand side from ribs down to bladder, not actual pain/cramps and no weight loss. It also sometimes gets uncomfortable sitting like normal so I have to sit on my side as to not put weight straight down. I’m 26 with normal BMI, never had any allergies. Have tried all sorts of cutting out food, low fodmap diet, lactose etc and it doesn’t matter how good or how crap I eat, there’s been no improvement.

Has anyone here had similar issues? Have you found anything that works/any way of getting through the day without having a mental breakdown or falling asleep? Starting to feel like they are never going to figure out what’s wrong.

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I think the colonoscopy might give you an answer. Your Calprotectin is high and your symptoms are typical of IBD so it sounds as though you need a diagnosis and some treatment! Hope you don't have to wait too long.

Thank you for your response! Still waiting for the appointment to come through. From what I’ve been reading about Crohns and Colitis I didn’t think my symptoms really matched, but I suppose we’re all different and experiencing it in different ways. Hopefully I’ll get a time soon, and some answers and treatment!

As above you need to get the results of the colonoscopy which will likely point to IBD but then your consultant can advise and treat you based on the results. There is a light at the end of the tunnel (bad analogy maybe!) x

Thank you for your response! Hopefully I’ll get a time soon, and some answers and treatment!

Hi there just wondering if you ever got any answers and got to the bottom of it?

It's just your story is very similar to mine as been having syptoms for 2 years ad all bloods done h pylori test nothing ever shown up just ad my calaproctin test it's 159 just done my second one and awaiting the results.

Be great to know if you got to the bottom of it.


Hi Dyas1990, well I had the colonoscopy and other than my colon being ’long and tangly’ they didn’t find anything and recommended probiotics. We’re going down the endometriosis path now as I’m having a lot of symptoms that could be that too. Sounds like you are best off having a colonoscopy too to be able to eliminate IBD’s. If you’re a woman it might also be worth investigating endometriosis!

Hoping you get to the bottom of it!

Hi thanks for the reply I'm 28 year old male I will after see what the second cal test says then take it from there. Just at my witts end now. Hope u get to the bottom of it.

Yes I get that too, just endless investigations leading nowhere. I guess you’ve probablu tried everything but I was recommended magnesium (but really high dose) and probiotics. Worth trying while you’re waiting, it won’t be dangerous with too high a dose as you pee it out. Maybe it can help you a bit.

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