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Lactoferrin and ferritin (with a bit of calprotectin thrown in for good measure...)

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I have searched but can't see the answer to this question anywhere so I hope I'm not doubling up - if I am, apologies!

I had a stools test which came back with elevated levels of calprotectin (150), lactoferrin (46.5) and occult blood. I have been struggling with piles (I think) for some time with blood in stools, so I'm hoping the latter is due to that but I'm well aware that all these together could signify IBD. I am hopefully due to see a specialist next week and am hoping they will refer me for a colonoscopy. My ferritin levels are 29 so not stupidly low but not decent either.

Anyway, trying to do research, most people seem to mention taking lactoferrin to increase ferritin - what does it mean if the lactoferrin is already too high but the ferritin low? I'm super confused! Also my CRP level came back as normal in the blood test - would that not usually be elevated if these other markers are?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

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I can’t answer all your questions but my CRP is usually normal even when my Calprotectin is elevated. I have Crohns.

I was literally researching the same thing. I’m don’t have an answer unfortunately. However, my calprotectin is high (3000) and my C Reactive Protein just came back completely normal. I have no symptoms though but do have a milder form of IBD.

My gi rarely does a CRP because inflammation in other areas of the body can elevate it. The calprotectin targets the intestines only. With a history of piles it's good that you are going to see a specialist soon. The only way to know if you have an IBD is starting with a scope & biopsies. Depending on how bad the piles are you may need to consult with a colo-rectal surgeon. I wouldn't worry about 150 calprotectin.

Thank you all - it's a bit of a minefield, right? And google, though very useful, is also a source of confusion! Evie, I hope you get some answers soon and huge thanks to those that responded. x

I think, but no expert but lactoferrin and FCP are ways of measuring gut inflammation. At 150 your FCP is elevated and would normally mean you need to do another one in about 6 weeks to see if still elevated and this could enable a referral to a gastro. Ferritin they say anything below 12 is deficient. Mine usually hovers above that but my RBC is OK so not iron deficient but can be a pre cursor to being iron deficient. I would get them to check folate and B12 too.

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