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Graduated !!!!!!!

Thats it , its done ! So happy now!

Done 5k+ on my last 4 runs and earned my badge,and its all mine! ;-)

Cant believe I have managed it,when I remember i failed week 1 last September,but I didn't give up,took the time to lose weight,sorted my knee who was playing up,worked at the gym weights lifting during healing,and 9 weeks ago,had another shot!

Now the next big thing is running 2x10 k mud run last week end of June,one on Saturday eve,then another one the Sunday morning!then another one 2 weeks later!

Think Im getting addicted ! :-)

Thanks to the NHS and all people who supported me through this !

Off to celebrate now with a cup of tea!!!! :-)

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Congratulations and all the best for future endeavours ...Well Done!!!




Well done! Good luck too for those 10k's. You're well on the way. Enjoy your running!


Yay, go you! Well done on your graduation :-) I'm a week and a bit behind you now. I'm going to try my last run of week8 tomorrow, that will be 10 day since my last run. Hope I manage it.


Brilliant. Well done.


Brilliant and big congratulations to you!! The badge came super quick so enjoy it and enjoy the tea! :)



I ordered it in advance on line ! lol


Congratulations on completing C25K. I hope you running continue well and you enjoy training for the 10K races.


Congratulations on your graduation! Enjoy all your future runs :)


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