Wow, I've done it... I've graduated!

Wow, I've done it... I've graduated!

I'm sitting here writing this covered in sweat in tears and red as a tomato, after one of the hardest runs in a while, but do you know what, I don't care because I've just graduated!

My last run was 2 weeks ago so I was worried about this one, the weather is so humid outside and I was scared I wasn't going to complete it and to be honest, I had moments in the run where I did feel like giving up. But I didn't! I was so determined, I wasn't going to make the first run I gave up on my graduation run so I just ran for my life!

I only managed to run 3.9km, so still a good 1k away from my goal but I honestly don't care! Looking back to when I started c25k, struggling with some of the runs, having bouts of no motivation and nearly fainting after a run, its incredible how far I have come!

I really don't know how I've done it! Admittedly its taking me more than 9 weeks but all that matters is that I can now run for 30 minutes straight! Not only that but I'm getting muscle definition and I'm getting so much fitter, I'm just excited for what the future holds as a runner!

Thank you so much for every single one of you who have a some point commented on my blog, it has helped me so much, as I'm sure you all know! There were some runs I would only do so that I could read the comments for my blog!

This plan really does do wonders and I wish everyone the best of luck who are still on their journey, just believe in yourself because trust me, you can do it.

Funnily enough I encouraged one of my friends to come out with me for my run today and she is now starting c25k! I feel like I'm passing on the baton but if I have managed to inspire one person then my job is done :)

So I say, for the last time, thank you so much Laura and NHS for creating this plan and really changing my life for the better. Whatever I choose to do next I am 100% going to carry on blogging, and you never know, I might be running marathons one day!

Happy running everyone, I'll update you all with a blog soon :D



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  • Congratulations on graduating, great felling isn't it! Now get that badge organised, and onto the rest of your running life! :-)

  • Congratulations!!!!

  • Great blog, for a great achievement.

    If there is one thing that this programme really instills in you is the sense of 'You can do it!'. And it's great to see when someone does.


  • Brilliant, well done!


  • WELL DONE! Amazing. Am well jel.

  • Woooopeeeeee Am so thrilled for you, congratulations! :D

    Seems a while ago we were blogging simultaneously, and now you will be blogging on the 5k+ page too ;) Couldnt agree more about the feeling of jubilation upon completion - it is awesomely mind-blowing .... And to think we panicked about gasping during one minute runs in week one etc. who would have thought it? ;)

    Really hope you keep up the running too. This past week I've managed to get out 4 times - not long runs, but enough to keep telling my body I'm still keen on getting further and faster.

    Now, get that glowing badge - wear it with pride, and celebrate's a great afternoon for a large Pimms. Well done

    Linda :)

  • thankyou so much linda! i know, you sped ahead of me! :) im glad your still running post c25k, i am definitely going to keep it up! :D Rachel x

  • Well done, Rach. That's fantastic, I hope you're incredibly proud of yourself!

  • Well done. Loved your chart.

    Keep with the blog. There's the 5k+ section which lots of us post on. Don't worry about distance, it will come. If you are keen to progress to 5k, see if there is a Parkrun near you.

  • Congratulations, such a great achievement, 30 minutes non stop is such a good feeling. Now you get a nice green badge. Keep it going and have a great weekend :-)

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations :-D it's a great feeling isn't it? And well done on passing on the baton to your friend too :-)

  • Well done you; it's a great achievement. Now for the next challenge!! PS - love the chart.

  • Well done - I loved reading your graeduation post. It conveyed a real sense of determination and achievement! I've just finished Week 4 about 5 mins ago. Hope I can keep going.

  • Congratulations, fantastic achievement - good luck with your future running endeavours :)

  • Congratulations - fab achievement! :)

  • Congrats! A quick clarification to all others though .. Do you 'graduate' when you (a) run for 30 minutes but less than 5k (b) run 5k whatever the time is (say 40 min) or (c) run 5k in 30 minutes. Personally, I will be glad at (a) - reached couple of days ago, happy at (b) and absolutely thrilled at (c) .

  • I personally think graduation is running for 30 min (as that's the aim of the plan) regardless of distance. And like you, I would be delighted to get to (c) but might be a wee way off yet.

  • Well done, I've enjoyed following your journey and keep blogging!

  • Well done. Love the grad badge! :-)

  • Congratulations, great blog. good luck for all your future runs post graduation :-)

  • Congratulations! As someone just starting my journey I'm always inspired to keep going when I read blogs like this one which is so full of determination and not giving up. Rachael

  • Thank u -needed this blog-like u have not run for ten days-and it is graduation day tomorrow. Will be thinking of your blog as I run.

    Love your badge-looking fwd to getting mine:-)

  • Very well done and welcome to the Grad Club and its ever increasing number of members!!

    Sue :)

  • Well done, I hope to join you by the end of the week!

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