W9R3 done!

Hurray, just made it over the line this morning to complete W9R3 and just about achieve my own little goal of 5k within 30 minutes, despite a couple of barriers at the end (and that's according to my shiny new Garmin :) connect.garmin.com/activity... ).

I'm sad in a way that it's finished. I'll miss the well-structured programme and the just-about attainable targets. But I hear that Laura lives on in other podcasts, so maybe we'll meet again. :D

I don't like gyms and I'd never really considered jogging or running before, but reading the programme and the enthusiastic comments and blogs on the site it sounded like a good way to improve my fitness and stamina. So a few weeks ago I got up early and quietly slunk out into the darkness with my iPhone and the podcast, and tentatively tried jogging for 60 seconds. It didn't seem so bad – no obvious pain, just a certain disbelief when Laura kept on and on nagging me to run for _another_ 60 seconds. After a few runs I invested in some proper running gear but kept it hidden under hiking trousers and a lightweight jacket in case I had to appear to be just walking quickly, not pretend-running. Then the times and distances crept up and now I catch faint echoes of what running used to be like, when it was just fun.

I have always been moderately active (though I hadn't run more than two steps in the same direction for decades) and I don't really accept that I'm 65, but it has been hard work at times. So I really admire and salute those who do the programme carrying an injury or excess weight, or who run on busy roads or awkward paths (or inside), or who have to run at difficult times because of work or family. It's a real challenge and a huge achievement for those who complete it, particularly if the odds are weighed against you in even a small way. I strongly believe that you need to be a bit selfish about fitness - because those around you also benefit from the improved you. :)

The help and encouragement here is really fantastic and a hugely motivating. Keep it going everyone. :D


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12 Replies

  • Congratulations Landesman! And very impressed with your time - something I can only dream of!

    Looks like you have a beautiful place to run in as well. I'm sure you'll be making good use of it in the future. ;-)

  • Thanks dottiemay. Yes, it's nice round here. And the Pyrenees are fairly close too - but only the super-fit run there...

  • Congratulations on completing the C25K programme. That's a cracking pace for your graduation run!

  • Thanks swanscot. My calves were complaining a bit afterwards, so I think I'll calm down a bit or the next couple of runs!

  • Really pleased for you. Well done, and I agree with the above - What a super location for your run! Very impressed, both with time and scenic route :)

  • Thanks Caledonia. It is quite scenic round here, but that also has its drawbacks. the whole area is on sand (only reclaimed in the 19h century by planting the largest pine forest in Europe), which means paths of sand - sometimes deep and loose. Which is hard work with tired legs.

  • Lovely graduation blog, Landesman - and what a great time, too! :) Keep on running!

  • Thanks greenlegs. I have surprised myself by finding running an enjoyable challenge. It started off as a means to an end, but now I think I'm hooked. Thanks for all the advice and support.

  • Congratulations! :-) So you've invested in a Garmin... that makes you a successful C25K-er with serious intentions! You can forget the hiking disguise now. :D Have fun.

  • Yeah, any excuse for another gadget. :) Thnk I'd still feel more comfortable in disguise but the weather has outed me. Just too hot now to wear more than the minimum, so maybe I'll have to hide behind dark glasses instead. :D Good luck with your running - hope you find a way to carry on.

  • Congratulations on your graduation, Landesman :) A brilliant time for your run, and a very inspiring and lovely blog. Happy running :)

  • Thanks Anniemurph. Much appreciated. :0

    This is a great and encouraging place to be - and very rewarding to see how many people change their own vision of themselves as they manage the programme.

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