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Week 5-Run 3 I DID IT oh yeah!

This is my first and best blog post because I just completed week 5 run 3!

Since run 2 on Sunday I had been waiting with a mixture of fear and excitement about this evening. It went well up to about the 14min mark and then I got stitch and could feel blisters, but stubborn mindedness saw me through to the end-that and Laura of course :)

Before I started the plan I really couldn't run down the street and nearly gave up at week 3. But i'm so glad I carried on, plus i've dropped over a stone and seeing as though i'm getting married in 7 weeks that's only a good thing. At 6 foot 1 I had always convinced myself that I'm a swimmer not a runner, my body's not designed that way-no Amy you're a runner too!

Advice to anyone that is about to go and W5R3-I ran the same distance as I did for the W5R2 even though there are no walking sections. That shows I slowed the pace right down so that I would last the full 20mins-take it easy!

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Good on you! That was the "biggy". :-)

Welcome to this blog and all the best for the rest of the programme (and the wedding, of course). As you rightly say, it's a matter of taking it easy, in terms of both speed and mindset.


Well done Amy, huge congratulations, that's a massive milestone within the C25K program you've completed! :)


Congratulations! Did my W5R3 last week and it feels great!!!


Hey, well done. It's a great feeling isn't it? I'm just back from the same run. Can't believe I was struggling to run for one minutes just a few weeks ago! :)


Congratulations - that's a really big milestone. Bet you're glad you didn't stop at week 3. :) Keep blogging - and very best wishes for your wedding.


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