week 5, run 3

completed week 5, run 3 yesterday and to be honest, I actually enjoyed it. The biggest thing for me, is my mindset. I am 3 stone overweight and sometimes I catch my image in a mirror or window and think....is that really me? How did I get like this? I took a steady pace and did not expect an easy ride. Without wanting to sound like I'm boasting, I actually increased my pace very gradually throughout. This is relative of course, because anything is faster than going backwards!! I listened to Laura and managed my breathing, trying to keep a steady rhythm in time with my paces. I have a friend who is an ex paratrooper and if there's anyone that knows about distance work, it's him. The best tip from him is this....always run with your arms fairly low, as in not bent up at a dog leg angle of 90 degrees (hope that makes sense), in essence as if you're on a long military tab. I find this decreases energy used and makes my whole body feel more relaxed. Might not be for everyone, but it's working for me and I'm a terrible runner! Initially you do have to train your brain to change your arm position because everyone has a 'natural' position their arms will go to as soon as you set off. I am doing week6, run 1 tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm sure I will have my nightmare run soon enough (you know the one, everything hurts, can't breathe, snot flowing out of your nose!!). On a different note...does anyone use a garmin? I'm thinking a forerunner 10 as it's so simple to use, just not cheap. If anyone has one and doesn't use it, i'd happily purchase from you. Happy running everyone.....you can do this!!

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  • Well done on completing this run. I remember being very apprehensive before I did this run but like you found it quite enjoyable once I settled in to it.

    You must be over the moon with how well it went? No stopping you now :)

  • i'm quite chuffed tbh! I think it is a mindset thing as i said before . Just accept that its a 20 minute run and settle in to a comfortable pace and block everything else out.

  • Well done, that run is such an achievement, i have the same excess weight and although i have not lost any weight yet (graduated on christmas eve) i feel so much more confident about myself and i know as long as i keep running i will get a better shape. So don't worry, it's great you are doing so well, enjoy it.

  • thanks. i'm not shedding much weight, although i thought i would! I'm 40 this year...i think the 'spread' has happened and it's too late!!!

  • Sound so far so very good.

    V interesting advice re the arm position: funnily enough, on my last run I tried this for the first time, as a suggestion to try and resolve post run headaches. To my astonishment it worked - but need to test it a second tie to confirm before posting about it (and am now delayed by an imminent op s can't do this for a while). The theory was I may be creating tension ion my neck by the holding my arms at 90 degrees.

    It does feel strange keeping your arms loose by your sides and I did have to constantly remind myself to keep the down, but was stunned to be headache free after. Fascinating to know this is how soldiers are trained.

    Love My Garmin forerunner 10. Not for sale :D

  • I did a run with him and I can only describe his style as 'in the zone'. He was so relaxed he could have carried on all day. I suffer with exercise induced migraines (diagnosed by a neurologist) and I now use high 5 tablets. They replace electrolytes. Not saying you get migraines but they've helped me

  • I have an old Garmin from my previous running life and couldn't recommend them more, they are the single most motivational piece of kit you can buy in my opinion. Have you looked on EBay? Mine is almost 10 years old but measures distance, pace, calories, heart rate etc so even older models do what you need them to do - they are not quite so pretty though! I'm going to try your arm thing next time by the way. Well done on your progress so far- I just managed Week 5, Run 1 today!

  • thankyou. week 5 is a great achievement. The 'arm thing' has helped me a lot, makes me more relaxed somehow. I have looked on ebay, but even used ones are going for about £75! I'm just thinking post C25K, i want to start measuring distance. I'm still taking each run as it comes, i'm just planning ahead

  • I know they are a lot of money but I would recommend you move heaven and earth to get one if you can. I wouldn't be without mine, most people seem to feel the same which is why they hold their value I think.

  • i'm on it!!

  • garmin forerunner 10 ordered off ebay...£65! New, only turned on once to check it worked!

  • Brilliant! Would love to hear how you get on with it.

  • Hey. Well done. I'm a week behind you and really looking forward to getting that rhythm going. My breathing is all over the place, and gets worse if I think about it.

    I want to say thank you for the arm position tip! I tried it today and it does feel much more relaxed. I tried just letting them flop and felt like I looked like an escapee from a zombie film! So slightly bent but lower down worked best. Thank you!

  • Great! Yes slightly bent is the way forward. I certainly don't mean hanging straight down by your sides. I think we'd all be locked up and placed in asylums!! It helps me maintain a better, easy rhythm

  • well done you. Definitely a mind set. I was really interested in the arm thing as a migraine sufferer & as a neck tension person. I'm going to try this. I bought myself the Garmin fr10 & love it, just love it & I'm not a gadget person. Managed to get mine with Tesco boost vouchers (so half price) but they only tend to include them in the boost scheme on special occasions like the run up to Christmas. Good luck with your search.

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