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C25K Week 9 Run 3 - I did it! I did it! I did it! What do I do now?


What a week!

After revelling in my success on completing Run 1 last Tuesday I was so excited about completing the plan, the finish line was in site.

On Thursday I headed out full of optimism despite the howling bitterly cold wind and snow and Run 2 was done. I even managed to go up a slight incline! Get me :-) I won't deny that it was hard-going, but I made it to the end of the 30 minutes and it felt ok. Just one run to go.

And oh what a difference that run was.

Went out on Run 3 in the lovely sunshine and not as cold as it has been. Felt this was a good day for a graduation. The downside was that as we were staying with my parents I was going out on route I had no experience of, but I had a mental map and road names to follow and felt ok. There a few soft inclines and declines along the way, the toughest part was running alongside the river as the mud was harder than concrete and by 25 minutes I desparately wanted to give up. BUT I DIDN'T! There was no last minute push like I'd managed on Runs 1 and 2, it was more a last minute shuffle and stumble and the following 7 minute walk back to my parents felt like 7 years.

I DID IT THOUGH. I made it through the 9 week C25K plan and I feel fab! Ok, didn't make it to the 5km (made it to just over 4km according to Google Earth and Runkeeper), but that will come over time. The most important thing is that I'm getting fitter and that I can now actually run! Would never have thought this possible 10 weeks ago as I set out on Week 1 Run 1 and could barely breathe at the end. Or Week 2 Run 1 when I wanted to throw in the towel (see previous blogs).

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have offered advice, support or just commented on my blogs and questions. You've been fantastic :-) I will keep on doing 30 minute runs 3 times a week at the moment before working up to 35 minutes, will keep you all posted. Good luck to those of you who are still doing the plan, keep at it, I'm proof it works!

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Congratulations!!! So happy for you. You must be buzzing with excitement :-)

I was just reading some of my very first blogs to see how far I'd come and noticed that most of the people who commented, now have their graduate badges - now you will too!!

Enjoy this feeling of success - you deserve it

Kel x

bexbridgeGraduate in reply to LondonKel

Thank you :-) x


Well done you, & on an unfamiliar route as well. It is always good to see people graduating. Gives us all hope. :-)


Love it! Fills us lower down the line with hope. Congratulations, and good luck on reaching your next goal of 35 mins. :-)


Well done it's such a brilliant feeling isn't it? I then signed up for 5 x 50 challenge and I'm using the 5k+ podcasts in between running to my own music this helps to give me some structure and I'm hoping it will help me to speed up a bit. :)


I'd be popping some champagne and telling everyone I know :D Definitely treat yourself to something though- new running gear maybe? Have you entered any races yet? That might be good if you like having a goal to work towards.

Well done!


Fabulous Bex! Many congratulations. Take some time to just enjoy your running for a while and gently build up your time/distance and you'll be making 5k before you know it!

Congratulations, it must be an amazing feeling.


Fantastic achievement. Well done!

Congratulations :)


Well done! Like you I could hardly run one minute --- now running 30 minutes. Programme is amazing - so cleverly designed. Enjoy your runs!


Brilliant Bex; big congrats to you! :) Welcome to the Grad Club!

Sue x


Congratulations Graduate!!!! :-) So happy for you and all you've achieved! Gayle


Go you, well done and congratulation. :-)


Amazing! Congratulations! :D


Congratulations on your graduation :) Enjoy your running!


Well done for seeing it through and keep it going you should be so proud of yourself. I start my last week tomorrow and like you I don't think I'll make 5 k in thirty minutes, but its something to keep workin on :)


Congratulations and really well done :) Can't wait to see your beautiful new badge. I'm now on W8R2 so not too long for me either. Enjoy your triumph :-D

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