Week 5 Run 3

Hi Everyone, I am new year and looking for support on this journey!

I started the programme for a challenge and to build stamina really. Def never been a couch potato, and never been a runner either !!

So this week I did week 5 run 2 , 3 times. Didn't feel ready for run 3 . So today I did my first run 3. It wasn't too bad, but I did have to make around 4 tiny breaks, only for a few seconds. I don't feel disappointed with that, but do wish Laura on the podcast wouldn't say 5 mins are up, when she normally says your half way there!! Not helpful Laura !!! 😞

So here is what I I struggle mainly with. Breathing, and sore feet ! Just the bones in my feet. Does this get easier ?!!


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  • Hey well done u fought the doubts of run 3 and ran it . I'm only slightly in front w6r3 but definitely finding it easier . I've followed the guys advice of slowing down , speed doesn't matter time does . Carry on Ull be running 5k in no time x

  • Thanks shelby!! Did you feet hurt at first ? !!

  • My feet have been fine but my calfs r tight I've been using deep heat x

  • Just did W5R3 this morning and had been dreading it. At times I wanted to stop but instead slowed my speed right down for a few seconds and then back up. Mind you my running speed is slow anyway.

  • Yeah mine isn’t fast either Richard but I do feel it is getting easier to run further !!

  • My feet haven’t hurt. Not at same stage as you (wk4). Is it your trainers?

  • don't think so , think it is my boney feet!! I have good padding in the trainers - its just on the soles when i awake in the morning it hurts to stand on them- it aches rather than pain!

  • Hello, and welcome to the nicest place I've found on internet! Well done for getting so far in the programme. I'd recommend slowing down for the breathing, because we all tend to run faster than we think and the most important thing is to complete the running time, not run it quickly. Secondly, for your painful feet: which bones hurt? It may be a problem with your trainers (how old are they? have you checked if you have a neutral gait?); If you land on your heel you will stress not only your foot but your knees and hips too, and this often results from taking strides that are too long. I have no idea if this is your case though... if you do heel strike, shorten your stride and try to land mid-foot.

  • Hi Jan, welcome to the forum..

    Just to check, did you start the c25k plan from Week 1 or go straight in at Week 5 ?

  • Hi Jan, I am doing the 5K not 25k ! And I did all weeks followed the program - how about you

  • Ha, yes sorry I meant couch to 5k 😊..

    mfamilias had given you great advice about your breathing and having your footwear checked.

    I found that my ankles felt stiff on waking after a run day, and was advised to do toe lifts and heel drops as part of my stretch routine after my warm down walk.

    Stand on the bottom step facing up with your heels hanging out over the edge.Lift up onto your toes, hold then back to straight, then gently drop your heels down a bit, hold then back to straight. Repeat a few times.

    Also try and land lightly as you run, not easy, but you need only be running at a slow gentle pace, take short light steps.

    Good luck 😊x

  • This is such great tips Jan thanks sooooo much, I will try this even in the morning when i awake then after runs - You and Mfamilias have both helped so much today - Feel inspired again to continue - I have been pacing myself and actually did Run 2 of week 5 three times in all as it felt quite a leap to run 3 !- I watch the runners in the park "Bouncing on air" so lightly. I would like to get to this eventually! I have been running on a treadmill a lot lately due to its rainy season here - does this tend to hurt the feet more or no difference ?! Thanks again Jan really appreciate :) Jx

  • Good idea but be careful not to stretch cold muscles.x

  • I live in Thailand so thankfully don’t have that worry! X

  • Hi Mfamilias- Yes you are right it is such a nice community already - not many of my friends are into the fitness lark and not very supportive! I just set myself this target and am quite enjoying it - just achieving the goals is great -

    Thank you for your advice here - To be honest I haven't had my feet measures professionally as yet - I have been reading how important this is though- guess I wanted to see if I stuck to it first before spending lots of money on new trainers- the ones I have aren't old and bought from Decathalon here in Thailand. They are very light and comfortable. It is mainly the bones on the sole of my feet that hurts - I try to put heel down first, as this is what Laura on the podcast recommended - no?! Knees and hips also ache quite a lot but just thought this was natural with increasing runs. Definitely don't take long strides its quite a slow comfortable pace - During the running my feet don't hurt its later that day or next morning they ache ! Ihave very boney feet!

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