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Has anyone else had a problem with the podcast for week 6 run 2?

I did this run this morning, and about 4 minutes into the second of the two ten minute runs (about 23 and a half minutes into the podcast) the music phased out and Laura introduced the w6 r2 session once again, and asked me to start my brisk 5 min walk!!

Luckily I run along a coastal path, and have to turn to come back. I'd done the 10 min run out, plus most of the 3 min walk, before turning to come back. I knew that if I managed to run back to my starting point, it would be for at least 10 minutes. The run back is slightly uphill, and I was running more into the wind too.

When I finished what I think was my at-least-ten-minute run, I checked my ipod and it was locked, so I hadn't accidentally pressed anything. I've also listened to it since I got back, and it definitely starts again at about 23.5 minutes in.

I don't wear a watch while running, and up until now haven't used a Garmin, so I am totally reliant on Laura!

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this problem with W6R2?

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Sorry - no such issues here... It may be worth deleting it and downloading it again to see if that sorts it out. :)


Thanks RainbowC. I'd reckoned that because no-one else had ever mentioned it that the problem was probably with my download. Thought it was just worth checking though! Frustrating, but I'm confident enough that I've completed it OK, so I'll just press on with W6 Run 3. If I have to go back ever, I'll make sure I download it again. Cheers :)


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