Week 6, run 2

Decided to really slow down for today's run, as I've been feeling pressured for some reason.

After all, I should be enjoying this shouldn't I?? Somewhere it's got a little lost, so today was an effort to try and relax. The first 10 minute run was surprisingly hard, but by the time around 9 minutes had gone by I was well into the swing of it and was a trifle annoyed when told to slow down and walk.

I noticed recovery was very quick, a sign of improved fitness I guess. The second 10 minutes was fab. As I run in the hills, (foggy as heck today), there are lots of little ups and downs, and today the second 10 finished with a lovely gentle downwards incline. This meant that when I was told there were only 60 seconds left, I was off! Running!! And an extra minute or so as well!

So by taking the pressure off myself, it all slotted into place, and I can honestly say the sparkle is back! Roll on run 3!

PS Have laughed so much at the recent blogs, thank you all, and happy running!

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  • That's a great blog, Petal! Lovely to have discovered enjoyable running - and in fog too. I haven't tried fog yet on my weather palette. :)

  • Thanks greenlegs, I always look forward to your comments! Love the thought of a weather palette. Reminds me of the day I started - sheet ice, snow, wind, and a nutter starting week 1 run 1 in their wellies!!

  • Mmm - bet there aren't all that many that run in wellies! I did do one of my snow runs in walking boots though. Bit heavy, but kept my feet nice and dry.

  • It was only that first run that the wellies were used - it was all part of my 'disguise', so that people wouldn't think I was attempting to 'run'!!

    My trainers came out from then on. Can't imagine using walking boots....

  • Brill. I've got that run tomorrow and will keep your experience in mind if I'm miserable when I'm a minute or so in.

  • Hi Sadie, good luck for your run! I think I've been taking it all a bit too seriously - I don't like to be beaten by something I've set my mind on, so put myself under too much pressure. Slow and steady wins!

  • Running in the fog sounds like fun. Not sure about hills, though. :) Keep up the great attitude!

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