Week 6 Run 2 done. Hurrah!

Walk was easy, first five minutes of the ten minute run was easy. I got to the 3 minute walk and thought I don't need this now. Then the second ten started, 4 minutes in and I am huffing and puffing, count to one hundred, concentrate on breathing, drop the arms.... When Laura said only 60 seconds left - "that's easy for you to say". I was really gasping and couldn't wait for the walk. It was really really tough but I made it without slowing down. Only trouble is how can I run for 25 minutes in the next one? I may take an extra days rest and try it on Friday.

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  • I crapped out on W6R2 after 5 mins into my 2nd 10min run. It was like I'd stopped before I realised I'd stopped.

    Cut to yesterday, went straight to W6R3: bossed it!

    I would suggest having a go at getting run 3 done and dusted and waving adios to the hated (by everyone it seems) week 6.

    Best of luck!

  • Thanks BettysbOps well done on getting run 3 done

  • The fact you completed the run shows great determination and proves you CAN do it! Well done. Remember that a lot of running is mental. Tell your head you will do it and your body will follow. Take it slowly and you'll nail it.

  • Thanks that's so true. I never thought it would be as much mental as physical. I'm going to do it tomorrow

  • Thats just how I felt on that run, 1 st ten minutes went great, wasnt really ready to walk but 2nd ten minutes was so hard, but I did do it and now wondering on the 25 minutes expected of me next

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