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Week 6 run 2 failed - Big time :(

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Well woke up this morning at 5.20 and decided against trying my run.

Went tonight, and at the start I felt great, my knees did not hurt legs felt great, decided to run towards the hill knowing I would not get to it in 10 minutes.

Anyway off i went then started to find it hard, 5 mins later i was struggling, slow it down i thought i did but reluctantly had to stop, after about 20 seconds Laura said 1 minute to go, So ok I thought you have managed 8 mins 40 and it it hot!

So i walked until the end of the run plus the 3 minutes walk.

Off i started, mentally its easier turning back, but not today i struggled big time and only managed about 1 minute jogging, gave up and found it extremely hard even to walk back.

My breathing was fine, ii was just my legs that would not work, i tried again when 5 minutes were up but only managed 10 seconds!

Then to make matters even worse i was attacked by midges!!

So what next, well one things for sure i wont let this run beat me, hopefully will get it right on Saturday..... after all 9 mins 40 is far better than nothing as we all know.

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Oh dear, I had one of these,but I just repeated when I felt more rested and it was fine. As you say every foot in front of the other is better than being on the couch. Good luck for your next attempt I'm sure it will be fine.

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icandothisGraduate in reply to mrslazy

Thanks, I will try again, it may be bit cooler Saturday morning.

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Failing is not doing the run at all! You will have a better run next time I'm sure...don't beat yourself up over it.

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icandothisGraduate in reply to Nickyrunning

True! i will give it a good go

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I found week 6 really tough. Remember, in week 5 you survived a big jump up to a 20 minute run and I think that, to a certain extent, you spend a lot of week 6 recovering from that. If you feel you need an extra days rest before trying again, then take it. It might make the difference between struggling through and feeling glad its over and romping through and feeling you've triumphed.

You may have struggled but you certainly haven't failed.

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I did week 6 run 2 this evening. I found run 1 easy after the 20 minute trot at the end of week 5 and as a result was lulled into a false sense of security. I started off way too fast and tired myself out doing the first 10 minutes. The second 10 minutes was hell :-), I kind of shuffled the last three minutes,and almost prayed for rain to cool me down...almost! The heat makes the run so much more challenging. Like you my breathing was fine, but my legs felt like lead.

Keep at it, if you did as well as you did this evening, you can definitely crack this on Saturday.

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I blame the midgies for everything ;)

Keep at it :)

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It was just one of those runs so don't be put off! I am sure the heat didn't help.

Have to remember you didn't fail as you went out and gave it your best. The next run will be better!

Wow, it's like I'm reading my very own run of yesterday. The first 10 minutes we're ok, I completed them but I really wanted to stop. I did the walking part and after 1 minute of running I felt really bad and had to stop. I tried to run a few times after that but I just couldn't.

Let's try it again this weekend, I'm sure we can do it! One bad day shouldn't be that bad, we 've learned from it.

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icandothisGraduate in reply to kimberleybb

Thanks for sharing, hope you have a better run too, im off to try again in the morning

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Look how much progress you have made since you started this programme! I bet a few weeks ago you would never have thought you could run that long in this heat!

Good luck, I know you can do it.

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W6R1 was a real anticlimax for me after completing W5. I thought I would sail it but no ...! I struggled mentally and physically. I think it happens in W6!! Keep on running. We will get there :D

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