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Does any one have a theory ?


Hi I wonder if any one can answer my very odd issue- I have been running for over a year and when I started I used to have very bad left calf strain so with rest and a support sock I got back training then after I graduated I tore my left quad muscle which put me out of action for another twelve weeks so now I wear a full leg support sock now this morning ( my rest day) I'm walking the dog and my bxxxxy left knee hurts! Yes I could feel it tightening on Friday nights run but it was ok all day yesterday but now it's very painful so any thoughts? I warm up and cool down stretch only a tad over weight (7 lbs) I've had a gait analysis haven't changed shoes and run on a flat dreadmill - I have had left sided spinal surgery five years ago but don't think that's an issue so I await a brain box to tell me what's going on thanks x

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Your old injuries although better will have left scar tissue behind. Its possible your knee compensates in some way to support those structures. ? That's my basic theory.

Gold standard would be a hands on assessment.

I'd suggest going to see a physio...


I wouldn't like to hazard a guess, it does sound like you should go see a physio or osteopath (if you are recommended a good sports one near you), as they can often spot the problem and refer you if necessary, or a qualified personal trainer, although I'd tend to go to physio/osteo first for preference and possibly a trainer to set you up a routine to accommodate or improve whatever the diagnosis is.

I know it's my joint favourite topic, along with running, but I'd also recommend yoga, yin style (sometimes called restorative yoga) if you can find it near you, or Hatha yoga, which is the more common/accessible style. I find that I don't get running injuries (touch wood) and I swear it is down to my regular yoga practice, which builds both strength and flexibility (and you don't have to be super bendy to do it, you work within your own body's limits). If you haven't done yoga before, I'd recommend you go to a class and let the teacher know your injuries, so s/he can ensure poses are adapted to suit you.

Good luck, hope you sort it out xx


I tend to get my injuries on the right side - I tend to assume that I run a bit wonkily, as I think a lot of people do. In Julian Goater's book about running faster he explains how daily activities such as carrying shopping, getting into the car, crossing your legs all tend to lead to an imbalance as you tend to do things the same way round all the time.

I'm missing my yoga - I do think it is beneficial. I changed gym as I needed to save money and they don't have yoga classes at times I can get to them :-(

Physio would be good.

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