Oh no, pericarditis! Only 2 runs in and have to take a break

After hitting the dizzying heights of the W1R2 milestone I already have to take a short break from running. I developed a stabbing pain below my left breast on my rest day, feeling just a teensy-weensy bit concerned I took myself off to the docs and was relieved to hear I only had pericarditis (an inflammation of the fluid sac around the heart, it's caused by a virus and not serious at all). My doctor assured me that it had nothing to do with running, however as I sat there being told I needed to lay off the running for a week or two I was hit by a very very strange emotion, one that I have never associated with any form of exercise.......DISAPPOINTMENT. Yes, with utter astonishment it dawned on me that I was disappointed I couldn't do Run 3 today. I can't over state how bizarre this felt, I'm 51 and this is definitely a first in my lifetime. Who'd have thought it? So the plan of action is to rest, get rid of this peri-thingy and then start C25K all over again in a couple of weeks. Wahay!


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6 Replies

  • Sorry to hear this, but pleased for you that it isn't serious.

    I know what you mean, I used to wake up and the first thing I thought was is this a running day...

    Take care, get well and then get out there again😊🏃x

  • I am glad it turned out to be not as serious as you may have feared.

    It is so, so strange how we get hooked on the good feelings from our runs...so surprising how much we benefit, physically and mentally.. Rest up and plan some new routes :)

  • The sign of a runner, to be disappointed over not being able to go out. Rest up and get better then hit the roads and let us know how you are getting on.

  • Sorry to hear your news, but look on the bright side, if this had happened just a week ago, you would not have been hooked and may never have discovered that you want to run!!

    Don't worry about a couple of weeks, your cyber running buddies here will all be just as sweaty, Garmin obsessed, and full of opinion and encouragement then as they are now!!

    Take your time and let us know how it goes.


  • Poor you!

    I had to stop at the beginning of week 2 and had the same feelings of disappointment which totally amazed me (surely I had the perfect excuse to stop? what was the madness that made we want to get back out there?). I was out for 6 weeks, but by the time I got back to the running I had read and learned so much from this lovely forum!

    I sometimes think the enforced break was a good thing - made me more motivated in a stubborn sort of way.

    Get well soon. Enjoy the running when you can.

  • Sorry to hear you are unwell. I also am about to do W1D3 and as I read your message I was surprised to find myself agreeing! I would also be disappointed if I couldn't go. What is happening?!?

    Hope you soon recover and remember how you're feeling now to have motivation to get back up and running as soon as you are well enough :)

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