Addiction: Does Laura Have a 12-Step Program?

I hear people talking about how they "love" to run. Before, I always sniggered a bit inside at that, thinking, "that's great for you, but you must be some kind of crazy super-healthy mutant, because I sure as heck don't like running around and around the neighborhood, in pain and in bad weather - I will never LOVE any of it."

Some enthusiasts doing C25K even talk about how it is addicting, and how once you start, you won't want to stop, even after completing the program.

I seem well on my way to eating my words. I don't LOVE running, exactly. But after completing week 2, run 1 (that's right, not even two full weeks yet because I got sick),I find I am sliding down the precipice towards being hooked on running.

I meant to run today, Monday. But I couldn't wait. After a rest day on Saturday, I really wanted to run yesterday. Even though it meant leaving a movie marathon with friends early. Even though it was sooner than scheduled. Even though I was afraid of failing the week 2 program, and had been sick recently. At least as impressive is that my partner J. was totally up for it too.

So we said goodbye to our friends early, went home and changed, loaded up the new podcasts and went outside. It was sooo beautiful. I felt great as soon as I started walking, and was happy to be running again.

In taking Laura's advice about keeping to a light jog, I realize that I had been running faster and faster each time I went out before, so I was improving without really noticing. I slowed back down to my "slightly-bouncy walk" (my jog), with J literally walking along beside me. And it was still a bit challenging, but I made it for the 90 seconds. And then again. And again.

By the last interval, I found I had a fair amount of energy left over, so I ran considerably faster.... for the first 45 seconds. Even with the wheezing, I still completed the run, and I feel amazed that I could do it. I am proud of me.

Last night, in bed, I was idly wondering if I *really* had to have all those rest days forever. Maybe I can run more often when I am good and used to it?... I am keeping the rest days for now, for sure. But that I even considering running every day is a pretty huge change from three weeks ago, when I thought running was for hard-core athlete types.


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9 Replies

  • Well I'll admit to being a crazy on-the-way-to-healthy mutant, not sure that all the other bloggers will admit to that! I always have at least one rest day in between, two reasons for that - one I couldn't always allocate the time to run every day, two as I fall into the category of more elderly mutant (50's) my knees are protesting a little and they need the rest. Not sure what other people do but you are right to feel proud of yourself - you are on the way to a healthy active lifestyle

  • Good for you for taking such great care of yourself! I think my idea of runners being crazy is more about having some distorted ideas of what is normal and healthy, based upon our junk-food filled, sedentary culture. I want to be a mutant too!

  • It's definitely addictive, in a good way. It's changed my view of running, in the same way as yours, and I get distinctly twitchy if I miss it out for very long. And I have to guard against banging on about it too much (risk of becoming boring!!)

  • A good point about not boring your friends to death! I think blogging helps me "share" without seeing the glazed eyes blinking back as I natter on.

  • I have to agree, I am definitely addicted :) I never ever thought I would say that! I feel so bad if I miss a day and although I still don't consider myself a "proper" runner I do love the feeling afterwards....not so much during

  • oops, sent it before I'd put in my sad face :( Keep it up, it doesn't matter how slow you are,you're doing it x

  • Thank you Pat. I don't know what makes someone a proper runner, but I would think that someone running regularly for a few months at least would surely count. Since you are a graduate, presumably you could reasonably claim to be a runner, since you are clearly one who runs.

    Or maybe, like me, it doesn't seem like running since small children toddle faster.... if so, well, I guess we have to define it for ourselves. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • OK, let's call ourselves runners!!!:)

  • Huzzah! Runners we are!

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