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What have I got Lose - Rough night

Well W1R3 tonight. Last night and tonight my hubby the came out with me (he is in training for his ultra marathon this year). So for a change decided to run at the park so the dog could romp about, kids could play footie etc and hubby could help me as well. The second run went ok although it felt harder but I kept going and did all the run intervals. Tonight though was a whole different ball game. It felt worse than the very first night. I had to stop and walk some of the run intervals. The mind set was there but the body wouldn't do what it was telling. Really upset with myself as I had done so well and probably more frustration.

Hubby is insistent I take a rest day but worried it will put me off track and I won't come back to it and ditch the programme. I am on a roll and still want to continue on. On the positive over the three days I have ran almost 3 miles which is the most I have ever done in my entire life. I also have now comfier clothes and if out on my own do not take the dog. Grass is tough to run on too. An in this short period time I have found out the following.

1. I am in this very early stage a fussy runner and I need things to be a certain way.

2. I love the neon running clothing (I am a alternative/goth gal so this is my guilty secret as my staple is black) and I want to wear it so people think what the actual hell oooooh my god that's a person and a cupcake threw up over her.

3. I am going to thump the hubby if he counts down how many secs is left lol

4. No longer do I care what people think.

Apart from that tomorrow is rest day and I will be trying again on the road.

Thanks folks for your continued support and just reading x

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Hubby is definitely right about the rest days, sorry! Please do take at least one day between runs. Once you get into a routine of running either every other day or on certain days of the week it really does help you stick with it. It's great that you're keen at the moment, but your body has repair work to do on your muscles after you run. You can go out for a walk or do some other form of exercise on the rest days. Your hubby probably runs on consecutive days, but I'm sure he has some rest days and he's worked his way up to that point.

Don't worry about repeating runs and don't worry about finding some more difficult than others. There are all sorts of reasons why some runs are "bad" and sometimes we never work out what they are.

Please take your rest day, then have another go - set off slower and I think you should be fine :)


Rest days are so important. They allow your body to catch up with the new pressures you are putting on your joints and muscles. Is it possible that without realising you ran faster because you were out with your husband. I have a habit of doing that without realising. Hope your next run feels better.m


I agree rest days are important - and really do seem to help with next run. I am on week 7 and never thought I would get here in that first week. I ran on my own and preferred that way as I could set my own pace -your hubby probably has a naturally longer stride as well as being uber fit, so perhaps making you run a bit faster than you would normally? One of the best bits of advice someone gave on this forum was to slow down if finding it difficult, uphill etc and that really helped me. The plan really works and the runs after rest days (sometimes 2 rest days after a tough week) usually seem better.

good luck with it all and the neon clothing!


I'm going to be boring and say that rest days are soooooo important. Maybe when you get to Mr and Mr Brownlee's level of fitness you need to train every day, but for us mere mortals, we do need them ~ and I hate them!! You can fast walk/cycle/swim on those days, but no running!! Promise?

There is nothing wrong with bright clothing, particularly if you are on roads. Also there is nothing wrong with black in the right place. I love my black clothing for sport (looks strangely professional), even down to what I wear on my lower half for legs. Come on Mr Postman, bring my new 2XUs.

I too don't care what people think. I am a cancer survivor and I just wear and do what ever I like, just as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.


Thanks folks again. Well I am taking the advice and defo doing rest day. I squeaked going down the stairs with sore legs. So my body is obv telling me I did it so I am taking a leisurely walk to do the school run and back into work again (just opened a new beauty salon with a tattooed/alternative vibe. No plinkey plonk music just all things metal and rock lol) weather is nice here so actually looking forward to it.


Your salon sounds uber cool! Good luck eith the program AND the new business!


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