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Any ideas as to what is causing my pain?


Went for a slow run on Tuesday, all good. Afterwards (cool down walk and cool down stretches done) I had a niggle in my groin - where the body meets the leg - on my left leg. I didn't give much though to it at the time. During the day it got a bit sorer and made walking sore and by bedtime it was hurting all night in bed.

Yesterday it was worse. I was going to run but decided against it. I had a good bit of driving to do (I was able to drive though climbing in to the car was excruciating). By yesterday night, ot was hurting all the time and seemed to have spread into the whole left hip. In order to move my left leg when sitting I had to physically lift it - to give it some help. Walking was slower than snail's pace and sore as hell.

Bedtime - I actually was unable to lift my leg enough without pain to take off my sock. Sleeping was nigh on impossible.

This morning I am hobbling around, still sore and tough to move it. Got a sock on but think it is twisted but can't do anything about it - wearing slip on slippers. Don't know if I will get my shoe on. Bank holiday weekend here - so doubt I'll get seen to Tuesday plus my OH has appointments - so will have to check whether I can drive.

Any ideas/suggestion would be welcome 8-(

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Ouch.. this sounds very, very painful. We are not, as you know medical experts, so any ideas, or advice are not medically base

The obvious answer is go and get it checked out... is there a walk in centre ( sorry about the phrase).. or maybe a sports physio'?

It could be a groin pull or tear..this is advice taken from a Competitor Running;

Groin Pulls or Tears

A pulled groin is caused by a strain in the hip abductors, muscles that pull the legs together. These muscles attach to the thighbones at the level of the hip and run down the inside of the thigh, stabilising the joint. When overstretched or overused, small tears can develop resulting in hip pain, swelling, and a dull ache in the groin area. Severe tears occur more suddenly and are associated with very sharp pain and bruising down the leg.

Unfortunately, many hip injuries can cause groin pain as well, so distinguishing a true groin pull from other possibilities may not always be that straightforward. Usually a focused history and physical exam suffice to confirm the diagnosis.

The treatment of a groin pull is similar for other pulled muscles. Rest, ice, compression and elevation can all help to alleviate symptoms. Anti-inflammatory medications or acetaminophen can be used to treat pain and once the injury has healed sufficiently, a gradual return to activity can then follow.


I think this sounds a bit like what ails you? But the important bit is get it diagnosed first :)

Not sure what running you have been doing lately.. , checking your posts...have you maybe come back and started too intensively?

Why do these things happen at the weekend? It sounds like it might be your hip flexors Ziggy. As I'm not an expert I wouldn't suggest stretching or anything like that in case it makes it worse. But the pain sounds very debilitating. Can you get hold of an emergency physio? I hope you don't have too much pain over the weekend and you can get it sorted soon.

Let us know what the diagnosis is.


Thanks for your replies

Will do, public holiday weekend so don't want to taxi to A&E to sit there for up to eight hours to be seen with no hope of a scan if needed. Also, I am full time carer for my partner so haven't any cover for someone to look after her.

As for elevation, too sore to lift my leg from the horizontal when lying down. As for Ice, not on that area thank you. It has eased about 15% today, I could get my sock on easier. I think I will play it by ear until Tuesday. Last night I had some sort of weird peanut allergy attack, which occurs about once a year, other times I can at them no bother. This results in a lot of coughing and liquid coming into my mouth, glad I woke up all the time as it could have been nasty. So a lot of swinging my leg out of bed and spitting into toilet (20-20 - could have brought a basin in to spit into). But each time I coughed I could feel pain in two areas just down by my groin - so I think maybe abductors.

As for running habits, I have been running less - maybe twice a week sometimes three, and have been getting slower, so not change in pace or in frequency. Just going to take it as one of those things. Thnaks again for your help.

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh ! Bait do seamróga !

Happy St Patrick's Day ! Drown your Shamrocks !

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to Theziggy

Thanks for letting us know. The peanut thing sounds horrible, the last thing you need with everything else. But it's good that at least the pain is easing a little, but you'd probably be wise to get it checked out anyway.

Hope you had a great St Patrick's Day and you watched/enjoyed the rugby 🤗

TheziggyGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

Wasn't able to do any Irish Dancing but really enjoyed the Rugby and a few Guinness (full of iron - good for you!!!). I am much more mobile this morning, still some niggly pain, thanks for the reply O'HRH

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