Park run, wk9r2? Celebratory graduation finish!

Hi all,

My hubby was eager to go on a parkrun yesterday but with it being my rest day I really wasn't overly bothered about doing one. He is quite persistent and although I had said that I would go with him for motivational support I did tell him that I wouldn't be running with him. But, he convinced me to wear my running kit just in case I changed my mind, which I inevitably did.

It was muddy, wet and thoroughly enjoyable and because I wasn't suppose to run I took a comfortable pace round and came in 147th at 33:51.

I didn't plan to run so didn't count it as wk9r2. Today I headed out for r2 with my hubby and the kids in tow on their scooters but they ended up abandoning me half way through due to a scooter issue and I was happy to run the the last half on my own enjoying the crisp sunny winters day we are having.

I ran 5k in 31:42 which given the scooter incident was a very good time for me especially as I ran yesterday too. As I rounded the finishing corner my hubby and kids were there cheering me and the kids had made a little banner saying my mum's a runner! Which took me totally by surprise!

My hubby counted yesterday as run 2 so today was my graduation run! He said that having run with me over the last 6 weeks he is so proud of me and wanted to share the graduation celebration with me but would have missed it if I hasn't run yesterday.

As you might be able to tell from this post, I am in shock! Have I just graduated? I feel very proud of my family for the support they have shown me. My hubby even brought a cake for me to enjoy. I wasn't expecting it, but after 7 weeks and 1 day of running every other day I have gone from not being able to run for a minute without feeling total exhausted, nauseous, and anxious to running 30-35 minutes and what's more, enjoying every minute of it!

Omg!! I have just graduated!!


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29 Replies

  • Oh Jenner78 - the banner part gave me a lump in my throat. How lovely. :-) You must feel as pleased as punch. You ran very fast today considering you did a parkrun yesterday! I would count it as a graduation run if you've sped through the programme by doing every other day instead of 3x a week. You are indeed a runner and I can see you chomping at the bit to do the next running challenge.

  • Thank you Tinyrun, I was so surprised by how much they wanted to support me and the banner was such a lovely gesture :) I feel on top of the world right now.

  • Congratulations graduating! What a lovely supportive family you have :-)

  • Thank you, I am so lucky to have them :)

  • Oh wow! I'm so chuffed for you.

    Congratulations on graduating.

  • Thanks so much Viktor, I am really chuffed too. Floating on air at the moment.

  • That's fab. And to think of the example you are setting for your young ones. They will grow up thinking that they can do anything. Well done.

  • Thank you :) Both have asked if they can start learning to run too. I am so glad that my behaviour is having such a positive impact on them.

  • What a lovely graduation , brilliant well done

  • It really was, thank you Rockette.

  • It sounds as if a lot of plotting was going on. Congratulations. I can understand how your husband feels. This morning Mme Truffe and I did our warm up walks and ran a short distance together, before splitting up to go on separate routes. She was taking it easy after suffering some disturbing leg aches. I was so glad, when towards the end of my run, coming up behind her I saw that she was still running. It's bonding thing..... and I wish you many happy runs together in the future. One word of caution, don't overdo it just because you have graduated. It is quite common to get injured in the first weeks after graduation.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Many thanks :) I am resting until Tuesday when I have a 20 minute run planned. I have a 10k plan ready to start but plan to take my time with it. I don't want to hurt myself especially as I have a 10k in May and another one in July. I also hope to join the local running club on Tuesday.

  • Well done and the best way to finish - yesterday was definitely W9R2 does not matter that it was not quite as you had planned.

    Glad the family made such an effort for you!

  • It was such a lovely way to graduate. Thank you :)

  • Yes you definitely have graduated! Well done you, what a turn around you have mad with your health over the last few months, no wonder your husband is so proud of you.

  • Thanks Lemon doodle, I am so chuffed to have come as far as I have.

  • Well done! So pleased for you and glad that your OH recognises your achievement too.

  • Me too, thanks :)

  • Oh Jenner what a caring family It's bringing a tear to my eye just thinking about them surprising you at the end -- sneeky of them to fake the scooter incident !what a year you have had - uni course , losing all that weight and now you ARE a runner Massive congratulations You are setting such a good example to your children Good on you

  • Oh thank you fit for 60 :) I feel like a new woman. Hopefully it will be the first of two graduations this year that I will be celebrating all being well with the next 12 weeks at uni.

  • And won't you look great in your graduation photo

  • I hope so. I only half 7lbs to target now. So should reach that quite soon.

  • They say last 1/2 stone can be the hardest but know you will do it I have at least another stone to go but taking the runners approach - slow and steady

  • I am in no rush, I have been maintaining my weight so far but I know it will come off in time. Good luck with yours too. I am sure it will be gone before you know it.

  • Fantastic what a lovely way to graduate and what a lovely family you have

  • Thank you :) I just realised I have my graduate badge woohoo!!

  • Brilliant post; congratulations. This running lark certainly changes your life!!

  • Thank you. It sure has.

  • Oh Congratulations :-) I'm due to graduate tomorrow!

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