Week 1

So 3 1/2 stone down since New Year's Day (still ALOT to go mind you!) and on Friday, freshly back from a fortnight in the Spanish sun, and having managed to lose 1 kilo whilst in holiday mode, I did W1R1 (in the snow!) having decided that I want to run rather than walk the Cancer Research 5K Race for Life this year. Despite being very overweight I have walked alot for the last 3 years since giving up the car so I didn't think my base fitness level was too bad and I was chuffed to find that W1R1 was relatively comfortable for me: I also came home and told my OH that it was "awesome", as it was :-) I managed each run without difficulties - although the last one, up the hill on the way home was more difficult! My legs ached on Saturday morning but 9 holes of golf and the 3 mile walk that entailed eased that off so I set off in the sunshine on Sunday for W1R2. Again this was comfortable and I covered an additional 0.2 miles in the time of the podcast which can't be bad. My legs were stiff afterwards - stretch, stretch, stretch, but woke up feeling really good this morning and am thrilled.

I've now got the date for my "Race" though and I only have 8 weeks so I'm hoping that it continues to go well. Does anyone have a thought on moving onto W2R1 tomorrow as I have managed W1 pretty well or is it vital to do W1R3?

I know that it's okay if I take rests etc on the day but I really want to try and manage it if I can.


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  • I too have been dieting prior to starting the couch to 5k program, I fly a desk and PC every day so little exercise is had with a great staff canteen ..... Oh dear.


    I started the diet 10 weeks ago and started this program 3 weeks ago, I have gone from 19st 1lb to 16st 6lb in that time and have more in my head I want to lose to get my body right.

    I am a 47yr old male at 5ft 9.....

    What I still need to realise is I am no longer 18 or 21 yrs of age


    Your weight loss is to be commended, keep up the good work

  • Congrats on your weight loss too! :-)

  • Well done on all your efforts - and keep it up :-)

  • Welcome to this great experience, aliburg. :-) How on earth have you managed to lose so much weight in such a short space of time? Congrats!

    As for skipping W1R3, I think you'd be better off following the programme as is for the first few weeks. Each run gradually increases your running ability (there's a 10% increase law behind it) and your body needs time to get used to running and rebuild after each exertion. Later on (say week 7 onwards) once you're running for longer, without intervals, you could consider skipping the odd run or two. Right now, I wouldn't advise it.

  • Welcome to the NHS C25K plan. I'd advise you to do W1R3 and follow the programme. You can run every second day, if your body allows, and that way they 27 runs can be done in about 8 weeks.

    Alternatively, if you take a few extra rest days long the way and reach Week 8 by the time of your 5K race, you'll be running for 28 minutes. The atmosphere and crowds will carry you the rest of the way.

    You're better to stick to the programme in the early stages and build a solid base for your running.

  • Very well done on weight loss. I too was in Spain-and did two runs on week 1-fantastic and beautiful scenery. Wanted to skip R3-but had a listen to week 2 and decided best stick with programme. What I did do on week 1 runs is run a bit further if I could.

    So today is week 2 r1-trying to motivate myself to get out of bed.....

  • Hope you struggIled out! I survived the rain here so feeling quite proud for getting out there in spite of it!

  • Well done on your weight loss, what sort of diet are you doing? I have just joined my fitness pal and started to count calories and on wk2 r1. Finding it ok so far, got to wk7 last time so want to complete it this time.

  • I've had a total lifestyle re-think - cook 5 healthy dinners and freeze on Sunday so no excuse for takeaways when we're late back from work, soup and fruit salad for lunch instead buying something on the run and have stopped the glass of vino cos it's been a bad day habit! So far, so good. Good luck with your efforts :-)

  • Thanks for all your helpful comments :-)

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