Week 1 Run 1

Got up this morning at 6.30am for my W1R1 and although it took me half an hour to get to the front door I was ready to go until I opened the door and saw it was raining :-( My first thought was to give up before I'd even started - but as I'd got up early I found out a rain-coat and headed out.

I did forgot to take a cap though, so my glasses were steamed up and full of rain so I couldn't really see where I was going but I finished it. I found I had to stop about half way to stretch out the muscles in my legs which were hurting by then - but they were fine afterwards and I managed all 8 minutes! yay!

... and just to add insult to (I'm not going to say it!) - the sun is shining now :-)

Onwards and upwards...


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10 Replies

  • Running in the rain is brilliant! Given the choice of a cooling shower or warm sticky sunshine - I will take the precipitation every time!

    I wear glasses too and, yes a cap or hat helps with the condensation issue.

    Well done on getting started, in many ways W1R1 is the hardest.

  • Love it!!!! Looks like you've won!!! Now you know what to dress as next year then!!!! Xxx

  • Really sorry that was meant for poppy pugs post!!!!

  • haha!

  • Well done! I echo Dunder - love running in the rain (as long as it's not too torrential). And agree re w1r1 being one of the hardest. Good luck! :-)

  • Well done - I love running in the rain - I nearly over-heated during my run yesterday and would have given my right arm for a spot of cooling rain :) By the way - You've started so you have to finish :) 9 Months ago I tentatively took those first steps and yesterday I ran my first 10K race over in manchester - Go Penfo1d!!!

  • Huge congrats. I did my week 1 & 2 runs on a treadmill, safely indoors away from prying eyes and rain of course. Clearly you want to do this, by your experience this morning, so keep posting and you will get huge encouragement from this lot. I 3 weeks in now and it amazes me how interactive the community is and there is always someone else at your level too, which is great.

    Good luck

  • Well done and great job for not being put off by the rain.

  • Great job on getting out there for the first run. It's so easy to find excuses to not run, it's good to hear that you're setting yourself up for success.

  • Fantastic - well done! It's soo easy to make excuses but then we'd all still be sat on the couch if we were still doing that. The hardest part is starting and you did that, so well done! Nike had it bang on with their 'Just do it' logo. If ever I'm feeling like I can't be bothered, I just put my running gear on and get out the front door, no pressure, I nearly always want to go when I'm outside! Good luck with it and keep posting! :)

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