Week 1 Run 1

I successfully completed Week 1 Run 1 and I did fine all with the exception of my lower legs. Anyone have any suggestions on avoiding calf and shin pain/stuffness/tightness? I had to take extra time in between each run to stretch. If I hadn't done that I would not have completed it, but I would like to do it straight thru only stretching at the beginning and the end. Thanks in advance!


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  • Slow down! I am a fellow lower leg pain sufferer and it does take time at the beginning for your muscles to adapt to what you're asking of them. The first week I thought my calves would explode. My shins were on fire and my legs felt like lead. It does get better but it's gradual. There are plenty of exercises and stretches you can do on your rest days that will help. Google calf stretches and knee strengthening exercises or look in the search area on here. They really do help. But the biggest help I found was slowing the run sections right down. I was under the mistaken impression that the running sections meant 'run a lot faster than you walk' but a gentle jog is just that, really gentle, really slow. I thought I couldn't go any slower when I was told I was probably going too fast but you can always go slower! Good luck with number 2. Don't give up. You WILL get there :)

  • I was doing a simple slow jog. I did this first run a month ago with no issue but we went on vacation and I got off track. I just started back at the beginning but this time I had terrible pain in my shins and calves almost to the point of quitting. I decided to stretch between runs and this made it a little more bearable but I really don't think I can go any slower...

  • Was there any difference in what you were doing exercise wise before you started the first time and before you started the second time? It does seem strange that things were okay first time around...

  • The only difference is I got new sport inserts for my shoes. Other than that everything is the same.

  • Are they the same shoes? If they are, or even if not, I would try the next run without the inserts, just to see if they are what's causing it. If they are changing your gait, as in changing the way your foot lands, they could be forcing your calf and shin muscles to work in a different way than before.

  • I agree with McFitty -try without the inserts, and see how that goes. Also do some stretches on rest days too to get your muscles more flexible.

    Good luck!

  • I was told by a personal trainer that you should never stretch before or during your run..I'm sure he said this cabin damage the muscle. You should only stretch at the end of the run session 😊

  • It's all about the socks! I was suffering with pain in my calfs when I started running, I changed from short running socks to long ones and it seems they did the trick! It's definitely worth investing in proper running socks. I don't do any static stretching either, the warm up and cool down walks seem to work best!

    Good luck! :-)

  • I had terrible shin pain for the first few weeks - I ran very very slowly and wore compression socks - this did help and gradually the pain eased off. I also did shin stretches on non-running days.

  • As someone that gives up quite easily, i didn't want to be disheartened by moving on to week 2 too quickly (i haven't run since school) so i spent 3 weeks, getting better at week one, and I've actually really enjoyed it, learning about my breathing and learning where to push and where to slow down, monitoring how i run and how i place my feet as i suffered initially with my shins.. think i would have stuck on week 1 forever had my app not changed onto week 2 without me knowing! but its not been too bad and feel much better at it, and will progress when i feel ready. I know some will say to push on after the 3 runs to the next weeks and i will see how it goes - i'm in no rush and enjoying it - which i guess is the one of the main things! good luck :-)

  • Compression sleeves worked for me, only cheap from amazon.

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