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Week 1 more than once?


Im a complete newbie to this and started W1R1 this morning. I just wanted to ask what people thought about maybe doing week 1 more than once because I struggled slightly this morning. To put it in perspective I weigh a lot more than I should so am carrying a good 5 stone more than I want to around with me (it's like Godzilla running about!) and dont think I have jogged/run etc in any shape or format since doing cross country at school. Enough was enough and it was time to change things. I went out this morning and coped with most of it but I know I have a long way to go. I managed all the runs except number 4 as my legs just felt like a dead weight and a bit wobbly. I wasnt out of breath too much on the 90 second walks which was really good and kept up a brisk pace but I just felt like I needed a slight break in the middle and did an extra walk rather than a run. I carried on for the remaining ones and finished on a high! I feel pleased I did it because for me this was a massive achievement but I do feel disappointed I didnt do all 8 runs. I shouldnt be too hard on myself really as I didnt think I would do any!! Everytime Laura said 'are you ready' I muttered a slight 'no im not' and oh my god' but kept going. I also took the dogs out for half an hour afterwards to make up! I want to do run 2 on Friday and run 3 on Sunday or Monday. Given I didnt quite do it all should I maybe do week 1 twice before I move onto week 2??? This is all new for me and I dont want to move on too quick but we all have to start somewhere dont we? Any help gratefully received. Jo.xx

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Well done on taking the first steps.

I would definitely keep doing week 1 until you can manage all of it. You may find that this is sooner than you think.

Keep up the good work!



Thanks for the encouragement Helen. I think ill see how I do on Friday. If its still a struggle I might do week 1 twice but if it feels easier then I might get there quicker! :)


That sounds like a great plan. Good luck.

I am starting week 5 on Friday this week.


Thank you:) Good on you. The more I read on here the more I find people who have been a real inspiration. Good luck.x


Tbh I found the first few week the hardest it's amazing how quickly your stamina builds up and then it does get easies:)


Those early weeks aren't easy but you WILL get used to it! I think I'd just be sure to complete each week - what I mean is that if you don't complete (for example) the second run of a week I'd repeat it so effectively doing four runs that week.

I actually only had to repeat 2 runs - W1 R1 (great start that was - got injured) and W8 R3.

You will see others asking and being told that if you've completed a week you really ARE ready to move to the next week. Yes, it's hard but you have to trust the program!

I started as a 49 year old exercise phobe. I've lost over 3 stone in the past year (mostly Slimming World but running helps too) and right now I'm halfway through the 5x50 and hoping to do my very first 5k Parkrun on Saturday. As I said - trust the program :-)

Good luck and let us know how you get on!


Thank you so much. I think Im going to repeat this mornings run on Friday when i would have tried W1R2 and if that goes ok ill try the second and third runs so effectively doing 4 runs in the first week. Heck im surprised im even trying this so even if i do 50 runs for week 1 i will do as long as i get there. Ill plan in rewards for reaching certain targets as I think that will help me and ill keep coming on here. Kind words do a lot to boost your motivation. Thank you:)


I repeated runs in week 1 (though I didn't do the whole week twice) but didn't repeat any others. That first week was sooo hard! Not that the rest is easy, but once you figure out a pace that is manageable (and mine got slower over the first three or four weeks!) you just have to keep trudging along! :)


I had a dreadful W1R1 and thought I would have to repeat that week numerous times but by the third one felt confident enough to proceed to week 2. So just take each run as it comes. On or after the third run of week 1, once you can do that run then move onto week 2. Trust the program, it builds you slowly.

Good luck and remember you've already done the hardest bit... starting the program!


The way the course works is that you'll be knackered on the first run of the week. By the 3rd run you'll be finding it easier just to repeat the first run of the next week. It's great though as you can feel your fitness improving!


As Greenlegs says once you find your pace you will be fine.

Make sure you have your rest days so your body can recover and get stronger.

You may find you don't lose weight as quickly as you expect but do take your measurements as you will probably find you lose cms/inches without showing much movement on the scales.


Thank you for your kind words, advice and motivation. Ill take it all on board. Ive learnt more than anything from you all that its not a race and its ok if i repeat a run, to listen to my body, to go slowly and take my time. Im looking forward to trying the next one hopefully tomorrow (if my legs are happy enough to do it). Slowly slowly catchy monkey:)

Thank you.x


I'm no great sage on this subject, but as a Week Fiver, I can say that on the third run of every week I've thought "There's no way I'm ready to go up a level".

Before the first run of the next week I've thought "Right, I'll give Session One a go, and when I fail it, I'll slip back and do last week again.

And then before I've know it, it's the third run of the week again. I don't understand how it happens, but somehow, you just keep progressing, despite your own expectations!


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