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Fresh start - Outside for Wk1 D 1

So after really beating myself up about my bad run a couple of days ago, I went out again today, starting back at Wk1 - and the time flew by.

I went at a much slower pace this time round and found it so much easier, and really glad I did it. I gave me confidence again, and I just got on with it. In fact I felt I could have done the whole podcast again, and just kept going!!

So glad I did it, and cannot wait to get out again.

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That's great. I look forward to hearing about your progress!


Well done you, you may find some days harder than others but take it steady, not too fast too soon. Also leave that one day between runs, your muscles need to recover, that doesn't mean you can't walk, cycle, swim do a gym class etc on your rest day. Good luck and keep posting your progress.


Congrats on what sound like an enjoyable run. Don't be tempted to skip the rest days though. Your body needs them! :-)


Excellent - that's the feeling we all aim for after a run :)


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