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Help! What to do with a cold!

I developed a cold on Friday and I still have some of the symptoms (runny rose, bit achey) but I feel almost back to normal. Because of the cold though its meant that I haven't been on a run since Thursday, and im due for my week 6 run 3 25 min run. Im not sure to go out today or to leave it another day or so! But I dont want to have to long a break and my body forget the progress its made! On the other hand I dont want to go out and prolong my cold/fail the run. If anyone has past experience running with colds or any suggestions they would be gratefully received! :)

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The real problem with a cold is the havock it plays with your lungs, and therefore your body's ability to get oxygen to your legs muscles.

If I were you, I'd wait till your breathing is pretty much back to normal, then play it safe by repeating W6R2 just to ease your body back into it. There's no hurry, and attemting what is easily to longest run yet, straight after a break, and when your lungs may or may not be working properly seems a bit optimistic.

I went out last night after an awful cold, and found tha tmy legs were fine after a week without running, but my lungs couldn't keep up. It was really frustrating, but that's just colds for you! :-(

Whatever you decide, good luck!! :-)


Thanks for the quick reply! The thing is my cold hasn't really affected my chest at all, its just really been a head cold. Do you think I could go out if my lungs are fine?

Rachel x


I think the rule is if the symptoms are just above your neck then you are ok to run. If they are below, best to rest eg achy limbs, chesty cold etc I had sinusitis for most of the C25K program - I used to chew airwaves gum to make my breathing easier.

If you feel ok to run, then go for it. Make sure you get warm quickly afterwards - no standing around in the cold ! Take it easy, don't worry about how quick you are and if it starts to feel too much of a struggle don't be too stubborn to cut the run short.

Good luck :-)


The rule is....

Cold in neck, what the heck?

Cold on the chest, give it a rest...

Hope that helps!


Keep it to yourself :D

Hope you feel better soon!


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