w5d3 with a stinking head cold?

Here's the thing - I have loved every single minute of c25k so far, except the last run on Wednesday (wk5d2) which was awful due to a head cold. I had hoped to be clear of it for "the big 20" tomorrow but I am still wiped out and I would be pretty devastated if I failed the 20 minutes.

It isn't flu (man flu or otherwise :-)); nothing aches, it is just a head cold.

However, I can't delay it till Saturday as we do pretty intense workouts at the NHS weight loss group and I doubt I could run for 20 seconds after that. I can't do Sunday as we are busy doing church and family things.

Monday should be the eagerly anticipated w6d1.

So - should I go for it tomorrow and risk not being able to finish it and the doom and gloom that entails or should I delay it until Monday and postpone week 6 a few days?

(I have read that if it only aches above the neck then go for it, so I think I know what the right thing to do is - I also know how much is at stake if I fail the big 20).

Thoughts? :-)


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10 Replies

  • If you didn't get much joy from your r2 on Wednesday cos not feeling well you probably need to rest before the big 20.

    If you can't breathe properly because you're all bunged up I would wait until Monday and you can do it justice.

    If you are going to do a workout on Saturday as well, a few extra days off running won't hurt you and you can give it your all on Monday.. :)

    I think some of the guys on here will give different advice though. Whatever you decide I wish you good luck and feel better soon. x

  • I agree with Jan - better to give yourself time to feel well than have a disappointment. You can do the run, Laura says so, but give yourself the best chance by feeling better before you try it.

  • I would rest for a few days.. If u can't breathe properly it will be a real struggle.

  • Thanks all - I think you are right, unless I wake up full of beans tomorrow then I will probably postpone it.

  • YOU Will know in yourself if you feel ready .good. luck whenever you run.. hope your well soon... and a few days won't matter too much.. you will smash it ;)

  • Waking up full of beans .. lol will only give you wind ;)

  • Hope you did have a day off... cosy up and rest away...live to run another day :)

  • I did - thanks for asking. Without being too gross; spending the morning with my head down the toilet gave me a hint that I should definitely rest :-(.

  • Get better soon 😉

  • And yeah - after 2 weeks of illness (and still recovering) I finally did it - week 5, day 3 done. Phew :-)

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