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A cold start

Hello! I'm new and have just completed week 1, run 1.

I was tempted to delay my very first run because, by God, it's chilly out there. But having made up my mind earlier in the week that Friday afternoon would be my first time out, I had to go through with it or I would feel I'd let myself down before I'd even put a foot out of the door.

And I have to say, it was alright. Yes, it was cold, yes my hands froze - was very glad of the gloves I did wear but I'm wearing thicker ones on Sunday unless the weather improves - but my beanie-type hat kept my ears warm although I wouldn't normally be seen dead in one. And it snowed... a little bit.

But hey. A good start. Going to a sports shop tomorrow to get gait checked and a decent pair of trainers.

I like Laura but not sure of her musical taste!

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Welcome to the forum - sounds like a great start! I know how you felt - motivating myself to go out and run on freezing days is really tricky, but I'm always (eventually!) glad that I went. Still, hoping that it gets warmer sooner rather than later.


Well done, great start! I was out there in the cold today too, no gloves - note to self, get some gloves!

I did wear the head band thing that Secret Santa gave me, only the second time, last time was just too warm but it really did the job today, ears were toasty!

Happy running!


:-) Layers rule during the Winter months as well as warm gloves! Have you heard of a Buff? I love mine!! You can wear it so many different ways and its lightweight. Cute colors and patterns too! ;-) Good luck getting new trainers! Decent shoes are invaluable as you progress into running more and more. I giggled to myself when you wrote about people seeing you wearing something you would not typically wear. I am 49.9 years old, only been running 6 months and never dreamed I would be wearing running tights, sports bras, snug fitting clothing in bright colors in public!!! ;-) Well done getting that first run knocked out!! Gayle


Thank you all for the feedback and the welcome :)

I don't think there was any point during my 30 minutes pounding round the streets, critiquing the neighbours' gardens, that I felt warm. There were points of less cold, I'll give you that, but never warm. Probably because I had blocks of ice at the end of my arms rather than hands!

Love the ".9 years old" Gayle, I'm only a couple of year less myself although the mind is about 20 year younger! As it goes, I do have a buff. I wore it this evening but only after dark under the hood of a coat when we walked back from the Indian LOL! Still not sure I can wear it in daylight. We will see.

A new sports bra is also on my shopping list but we have a really good sports shop not far away. I may be a lot poorer tomorrow... and I thought taking up running was supposed to be cheap?! ;)


I used that reasoning when we started running. I told hubby how cheap it would be!!! Only trainers needed! Wrong!!!!! Only trainers needed, but much wanted! You will find it a vicious cycle, really. Just as soon as you think you have it all, a new running gadget or clothing item will come out. Fellow runners on here will share a new purchase idea...get your checkbook ready! ;-) There are also a few fellow runners on here who are enablers...not going to mention names... ;-)


Well done for going out and starting even though it was bitterly cold - very good sign to yourself that you'll keep going even when it's a bit tough!

I bought a buff on Gayle's recommendation (I think that's the third thing I've mentioned I have to thank Gayle for today!) and it is great. Actually I bought 2 - a 'polar' one with a fleece bit, and an ordinary one, and when it's cold out I don't care if it looks weird (yes, it does!) - it really protects my face well. And anyone else that's out in cold like that probably doesn't care too much what I look like! :)

You'd have to buy a lot of sports clothes to spend the same as gym membership. ;) And this is much more fun!


:-) :-) :-) I'm proud to be an enabler with running purchases!!! No need to thank me for anything, just keep sending good running vibes this direction as we all continue this journey! As far as the Buff, does the pattern and color match your lipstick?? ;-) A good runner has to look nice for when the ambulance comes. :-) ;-)


:D Nope - I don't wear lipstick! 'Fraid the ambulance guys will have to put up with my unadorned face! I have a purple fleece one with pink and blue snowflakes (when I am old I will wear purple...) and a khaki plain one. Very nice they are too.

Mmmm - I'd forgotten about the more expensive toys like Garmin watches etc... But as you say, you don't *need* anything other than trainers - and some would say you don't even need them! I can't wait to try out barefoot in the summer - being very careful of course.

Thanks, enabler friend!

Pam - have fun in the sports shop - you'll be back there again soon! My first visit to the sports shop was a bit scary - I didn't quite feel I belonged there, but they were lovely. :)


Just in case the 'when I am old' reference doesn't mean anything: - scroll down about half way for the poem

- and I was surprised to notice I said I wasn't too keen on purple. Hmm. There must have been something subconscious going on when I bought that buff! This forum must have turned me old and crazy!


Well done Pam, the hardest thing is getting started, if you can start in such chilly conditions you are well on the way :-)

I have to admit Laura's musical taste has not always been in sync with mine either, "you and Julie" being a particular un-favourite of mine!


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