Any tips for running with a cold

So my toddler has brought home another bug from playgroup. She has been sleeping constantly when usually you cant keep her still, she has almost lost her voice.

Im now feeling knackered, my throat is scratchy and when im breathing in deeply its like I cant get in as much air as usual if that makes sense, no cough or anything else. Today is my last day of week 2 and I really want to get it done. Any tips on perking myself up a bit in the next few hours, or advice for how to cope on the run. I have 2 rest days planned after today and after delaying starting due to a chesty cold I dont want to miss today so any help id really appreciate.


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  • Oh, dear :( Poor little one, and poor you... The only advice I can give is make sure you drink lots of fluid, and try to concentrate on something other than your impending cold. I have a feeling that if you do have a huge cold coming on, you may have to have a break some time in the near future - depending on how you're feeling. If you do, it's not the end of the world - I can only speak for myself, but I finished the programme in much more than nine weeks. Your body doesn't forget what it's already done. Hope you're both better soon!

  • Take a break... it sounds as, our French flyer mfamilias says, as if you have a nasty cold or something heading your way. The breathing in bit is the issue.. just have a rest... look after small one, drink plenty and hopefully shake it off quickly!

    Feeling rough, walk away, time to run another day ? Feel better soon...

  • Depends how you feel, but if it's throat & below (chest) which is a big NO NO... if it's just a mild sniffles then you can consider a run..hope it doesn't last too long for you and child..😊

  • So Ive been up and about for a few hours and my breathing is much better and pretty much normal. Im thinking that Ive had the a nasal drip (yucky I know, just what you wanted to hear) overnight that has cleared now im up.

    Still got a couple of hours until my usual run time so ill see how im feeling then but if all is still looking ok ill head out for the warmup and if my breathing is ok, ill run, if not, ill walk home. Im pretty sure ill be delaying week 3 given how Sarah is, but ill cross that bridge when I come to it.

    Hard balancing act this, I want to go out and try my run (im pretty shocked at this) but I dont want to push too hard and cause myself more issues. Once you start its hard to back off from it, wishing id started years ago.

  • Yuck that sounds grim... if I feel like I'm getting a cold I take it slow and make the most of the fresh air. If that doesn't get rid of it and it comes full force, then rest is the only option. Don't beat yourself up, you can pick up when you are better. Use the time to pick up a copy of Runners World and plan what you will do when you graduate ( which you will). Take care πŸ‘»

  • My tip: don't!

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