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5x50 day 8 - back to the running, yay! :-) Aldi, nay! :-(

Got up Sunday morning and my right calf was still feeling good after last Sundays injury on the day 1 run; so into running gear and after my usual banana and drink of water off I set in sunshine; is that right, surely it should be blowing a gale and freezing outside!

Took the pace steady after the 5 minute warm up walk; following Laura on week 9 so I could plod with no pressure of 1 2 3 4 from Laura, turned on the riverside path towards town but after a few minutes I was stopped by a friendly couple dog wlking - the path ahead was closed due to fallen power cable! My response was 'No, that's my 5k route, how will I know where I am distance wise!!!!' Thanked them ( bet they thought I was mad as the sun had made my face a nice shade of bright pink already!) So I about turned and ran away from town until the path ran out ( well into a housing estate I didn't recognise; about turned again, back along past my start point, stopped twice to stretch the calf but it felt ok in general; the returned up the avenue to the main road and home...

Imap gave me a rather frustrating result of 4.8k done! If only I could work my phone while jogging along I could have carried on and done the 5k! The time was slow (43 minutes, including the warm up walk) but I was also wearing my new Aldi blokes running leggings - they have been stingy on sizes :-( only doing medium and large; so got the large - can get them on (which I wouldn't have done a few months ago :-) but they are a couple of inches shorter than last years model, thicker material and felt quite restricting which aided my slow plod today but no picking my knees up to get Laura's cycling movement going! :-)

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Ha ha - I know what you mean about 'no, you can't close that route because that's where I need to go' :D I'm glad your calf felt okay, but bummer for the Aldi leggings being shorter and made of thicker material. Perhaps they'll wash more comfortable? And yay for sunshine - at last :)


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