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Slow 5k post graduation recovery


After graduation last Saturday at my 1st park run, today was the 1st time I was able to run again. The reason? Too fast - I tore something in my left calf on my last run and my calf/ankle swelled up for days.

Fortunately a running friend showed me yesterday how to stretch my calf muscles correctly and told me to slow down most of my runs - much slower.

So this evening I ran 5k in 44min - so slow I could have held a conversation throughout. And it felt fantastic!

The moral is - don’t kill yourself trying to do 5k in 30 mins at the end of this programme. Listen to your body (and wise friends) and maybe also act your age!

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Sorry about that and great that you are back on track! I will start week 7 tomorrow (or very soon) and I am worried about my speed to be honest. But maybe I shouldn't!


Guilty too! It all became about time and distance and annoyance with myself for being so slow and the fun went. Slow and steady really is best and now running is wonderful again!


Ooh Dave seems it was a little painful. I guess we just get carried away a little because it feels so good to know that we can. But you have a good remedy with the right stretches now too. I hope you’re feeling back on track and thanks for the reminder! That fantastic feeling is what counts the most! ❤️


Sorry to hear about the calf, it's so easily done when we get carried away.

Your spot on, there is no use in pushing yourself too hard in pursuit of a certain time/distance.

I managed my sub 30 5k last week, but it occurred to me afterwards the runs leading up to it and the run itself were not very enjoyable. I was so focused on achieving the time, by the end of each run I was just happy to finish.

Move forward to this week, I decided to slow things down and increase the distance instead and have been having some wonderful runs that I'm thoroughly enjoying. I did my 1st 6k run this week and it felt great from start to finish, I could easily have carried on to 8k, but again common sense kicked in and I stopped at the 6k mark so as not to tempt injury.

Take it easy out there and happy running.😊🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️


Well done for listening (and acting!) on sensible friends advise 😊


Great advice. 😀


Good advice. My first 5k was a sedate 41.1, but I'm happy with that. Take it easy.


Glad you are back on track... and that you are feeling okay too!

You are right to take it works... but never, ever act your age! :)


Great advice every one should take note of Dave.. Well done on the park run. !


Good to know you are recovering Dave. Slow is good, this should be enjoyable.

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