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Back to running (hopefully)

I'm finally back to running after 12 weeks off from injury (Achilles and Calf tear). Last week I completed a slow week 2 and then a cautious week 3 run 1 but apart from a dull ache in the Achilles, all seems OK at last.

My plan now is to take it slow and steady - which is what I should have done last time and to try to get to the end of the plan this time.

It's bright and sunny out,so W3R2 later!

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Great to hear your back . I haven't been able to run for 3 wks due to tendon Inflamation in my ankle . It's seeming like a slow process . Take it steady andyj57 & good luck


Same here! I ran today mind you and things are getting better. It's slow process as you say Andy but we just have to pace ourselves and get right. I was being over-enthusiastic when I got injured as well. Sigh


Yes a mistake made by a few I think that over enthusiasm . lol


Thanks for this, its odd to think that I could be overenthusiastic about running after so many years of being uninterested in even trying to run. Good to hear you're running, if we take it steady, I'm sure we'll be OK


Thanks for the support Rockette, my recovery did seem like a really long and slow process. One leg feels a little sore after yesterday so I'll see how it goes before I run again - it was great to get out there yesterday when it was really bright and sunny.

Take your time with your recovery, each time I tried to run before it was better I made it worse which left me feeling like I'd never get back to it. The body does heal, we just have to give it time, keep your spirits up!


Thanks Andy57 , it is strange yes , when I was younger , I'd do anything to get out of running , now I'm missing it like anything ! Can't wait to get back to it , but like you say it's taking it's time , I'm getting there though slow but sure . Need to walk before I can run , enjoy your running & take care .


Hi AndyJ57

I managed to get up to run1 week 8 when my Achilles decided it didn't want to play anymore and just like you I've had 12 weeks off. Last Saturday morning I did a week 3 run and yesterday I did run week 4 run 1 and fingers crossed no pain or swelling.

When my Achilles problem started I tried to keep going at the gym for a few weeks but in the end it was just getting worse and worse so I stopped completely and two weeks ago I was pain free and not hobbling along.

However, I've decided to take it a bit easier and repeat some runs rather than steaming ahead at full speed - as I did before. I'm determined to graduate the programme and take part in my local parkruns. So take it easy and very best of luck.


Hi hits

Good luck with the recovery, it's encouraging to hear that you're moving forward with the runs and repeating some sounds like a good idea to build up confidence again.

Like you, I was steaming ahead before - always looking forward, now I think I need to find some patience from somewhere

Hope it all goes well, keep it up!


What was the problem with your Achilles? I've tried C25K in the past and had to give up due to pain in my Achilles that left me limping when walking. I must admit that I did try to do too much by continuing the 60/90 second run/walk in Week 1 beyond the 20 minutes until I had clocked up 5k.

This time I'm doing exactly what is recommended and have one more week 2 run to go. I'm still getting some pain in my Achilles when on the run, but it clears up really quickly afterwards. My Achilles does feel swollen and there's a small lump at the top.

I reckon if I can stay injury free I can complete this.


Hi almac30

My Achilles became painful quite quickly during a run - I'd got to week 6 and was really enjoying my progress. There were no lumps to be found but no lumps but I was hobbling for a couple of weeks and limping for quite a while after. It still feels sore sometimes, like it's bruised, most often when I've been sat for a long while or when I get up. It's fine when I run and the ache doesn't get any worse. I've heard some people put up with it like this for years so mainly I'm just ignoring it for now.

Good luck with your running, slow and steady has to be the answer


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