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5 x 50 Challlenge - Week 1 done. How does everyone feel?

I have just completed day 7 - a 5k bike ride. The bike had so many cobwebs on it and I wasn't sure the tyres hadn't perished but no all seemed fine. Hubby kindly pumped up the tyres before he jetted off to warmer climes, so felt it was only fair to give it a bash. High vis jacket and daughters helmet on I sneaked out of the garage hoping not to be noticed but unfortunately the neighbours were out packing their car for a weekend away. An embarrassed smile, quick good morning and off I went. Then I noticed the gears - I'd forgotten how these worked (in fact not sure I ever did know), in the end I managed a fairly flat 5k route round the village, without coming off the bike. Have since googled about the gears and now understand (i was almost doing it right anyway).

Physically - I am more achy, mainly my bottom, but other than that feel fine

Mentally - Still enthusiastic but think really need to mix up the exercise to keep motivated.

Going to jump on the scales tomorrow and see if it's done anything for my weight

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I've walked/run/swam/walked/run/run so today I think 30 minutes of yoga is in order to end the week. I am feeling it a bit, my arms and inside thighs got a bit of shock with the swimming so I'm definitely going to do that once a week at least. I tried Zombies Run for the first time yesterday and found it was good for distracting the mind, it was the easiest run so far in terms of not have the gremlins pecking at my head - the zombies obviously had them hiding :D

Here's to week 2!


Swam? Swum? Neither looks right :O


I swam -- I've swum. Delia the pedant. :-)




swimmed? swimded??


That arm ache from swimming is great (ie a good sign) isn't it? I never thought I could tone my arms but maybe there's a chance of lessening those bingo wings as that's exactly where the ache was :-) I need to investigate Zombie run. I don't really understand how you play it over the top of other music. If you don't have your own music do they supply it?

So as you say - here's to week 2!


Well done on your bike ride - hope your bottom feels better soon! Another good reason to mix up the exercise types I have to try the same thing soon - I'll be dusting off a bike (not mine nowadays since daughter is same height she "stole" it from me) and searching the garage for any helmet that fits. Then...hoping not to fall off.

I was pretty much forced to yesterday off as a sick day, but despite that I'm pleased to see on the 5x50 website that I'm still on track with exactly 35km done :-) It goes to show that it's important to log every km you can (even walking to the local shop) in case you have a day that doesn't work out.

I have done 3xruns, 2xlong walks and 1x swim plus 5 "odd' km. I'm still not 100% and wouldn't swim or run today (yucky sinus problem) but I'm hoping that a couple more days will see the end of it. Then I have plans to do more swimming (others here have suggested a few lessons and I'm investigating that), start cycling and continue with running/walking. As you say, I think this will be important for staying motivated as the weeks go on. We're also likely to be moving house so I may have to add "box carrying" as an exercise class!

I did weight and vital stats last Sunday morning before starting out so if I remember I'll do those again tomorrow. To be honest I doubt that I'll see a change this fast but you never know.


I am beginning to feel it in my knees!!! I did an 8km walk today (caching around local area) and got to one bit that had a very steep trail down on loose earth for about 1km and that has really had an "impact" on my knees. I am supposed to do a run tomorrow but might instead hire a bike and cycle on the Camel trail as hopefully that will be less strain on the knees - then do a run on Monday.


As James Brown would say "I feel good!" Yep legs are more achy than normal but am loving pushing myself each day for this challenge! Am still really motivated to keep going and it's getting me back into the good exercise habits I had previously. I wont weigh and take my measurements again until the end.....I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised ;)

Well done on dusting off the bike and having the courage to get out there; great feeling isn't it?!



I feel great :o) first week down, loads of walking & gym classes and a few sessions on my much neglected cross trainer to start off due to being away last weekend and then picking up a slight twinge in my ankle but been backout for my first run in nearly 2 weeks this morning and put in my quickest ever 5K to finish the week.

Really enjoying the challenge so far and I'm hoping when I weigh in officially on Monday that I'll see some benefit on the scales too. I'm so glad I signed up, I can't think of a better way to motivate myself to get my backside of the couch and do something active.

Hope everyone else has had a good 1st week and we're all still feeling motivated

Good luck everyone :o)


Like Sue and James Brown I feel good! Unfortunately I can neither swim nor ride a bike (guess I'll get lots of comments on that one!) so I'm alternating running with walking and strengthing and flexing with Laura. Am really pushing myself but feeling great. Arms and legs are feeling it and yes, I am pretty knackered.

Good luck everyone, Delia


Our weather has been great and it's been a joy to be out walking, running and cycling. Heading off on holiday tomorrow so really going to be challenged to keep it all going in Tenerife! We've both packed our running stuff and hope to play a bit of tennis too. :)


Certainly signing up for 5x50 ha given me the incentive I needed to get out every day. However the idea that I'd also get back to running 3 times a week hasn't quite gone to plan.

I managed 2 runs with walks in the off days OK to start with but on Thursday I was in London with work and somehow I managed to tweak my back on the Tube. With taking maximum doses of ibuprofen it has eased off but I substituted a swim for a run on Friday and today went out with my natural history group. According to the map we covered 5k in 5 hours! However a lot of that time was scrambling on river banks searching for stuff and standing about looking at things. Might not have been very aerobic but certainly can feel it in my legs.

Will see what tomorrow brings!


My bad shoulder hurts like mad and my right hip/groin is very painful but apart from that I feel fine :D


Liked the walking pace with your natural history group, Wilma - that is about my wild flower hunting pace too! You see a lot, but don't travel far.

I've just got back from my first bike ride of 5x50 - good value km-wise! 40 minutes and I did 10.6 km. Interesting that it mostly put my heart rate higher than walking, but a bit less than my 'easy' running pace. The steep hill pushed it up to the same level as harder running though.

I may well ache tomorrow, as it's only the second bike ride I've done in about ten years - maybe I should have just done 5k, but it was a lovely evening and I rather enjoyed it, and it didn't feel strenuous (except for the few minutes of hill). A buzzard flew across the road just in front of me - beautiful.

I have been checking my resting heart rate before I get up, and it's gone up from about 62 last Sunday (after a couple of days only doing yoga), to mid 70s this morning, which does rather suggest I'm accumulating tiredeness, so I think I may need to go a bit easier next week.


5x50 week 1 reports

Activity report

Day 1: 5 km run with others at the local launch event. Ray Wallace from the 5x50 core team and others including Kenny Riddle, international cyclist and brother of Roddy Riddle (who is today started the 6-day “Marathon Des Sables”) organised a run around the usual Parkrun course. There were only about 30 runners there, but it was great to see several families who walked the 5 km, and who comprised all ages and sizes.

(“Marathon Des Sables” )

That afternoon I did a 5 km geocaching walk with hubby at Inverfarigaig, on the shores of Loch Ness.

Day 2: Another 5 km run. I don't usually run on consecutive days, but wanted to get back into my weekly routine, and Monday is my Intervals or Hill training session. I opted for an 'Easy 5', but with hills thrown in for good measure. I used my new trail running shoes to go 2.6 km into the local forest, along a track that is very muddy and wet at places, and return.

Day 3: A combination of great weather, having the use of our shared car, and time off, meant I could indulge in a longer cycle away from home. I enjoyed a gentle ride along a minor no-through road to the end of the public road, then along a private estate road. Thanks to our good countryside access laws in Scotland, I could ignore the "Private Estate - No Vehicular Access" signs at the gate and carry on. The return around the head of the loch and back along the rough estate track on the opposite side of the glen was tough as it was alternatively, very wet, very muddy and snowy/icy. I wrote a wee blurb about the trip in my outdoors blog:

Day 4: Routine 8 km tempo run. This should have been 30 mins tempo, 10 mins slow jog, 10 mins tempo, but I struggled with the last ten minutes; probably still knackered from Tuesday's bike ride.

Day 5: A quick, short out-and-back-again bike ride from home along the minor roads to Aigas (site of BBC Autumnwatch).

Day 6: Routine lsd (long, slow, distant) run - 12 km this week. This was partially on the single track roads around my house, then on a forest track in Belladrum Estate and, since I'm training for a hilly 10K race, I included a 100m ascent in 2 km hill. Lovely views from the top of the hill.

Day 7: A quick 6 km geocaching walk with hubby while son was running in a local hill race.

Body Report:

Mentally feeling great! :-)

Physically feeling good and finally managed all the above runs with not a twinge. Got a wee 3cm cut on one knee through, from where I fell off my bike!! Skidded on the frozen, compacted snow and crashed to the ground before I had item to get my foot out of the bike toe clips! :-(

Equipment Report:

2cm hole in leg of Ron Hill Tracksters from above fall! :-(

Photographic report

Just to make the challenge more of a challenge I plan to get at least one photo during each activity each day (obviously it's easier when DH is with me as I can rely on him taking pics of me to share!) These are posted for public viewing on my Flickr '5x50 Challenge 2013' album:


Wow Swanscot; I am so jealous of where you live and are able to do all your fantastic activities! My bike ride alongside the dual carriageway to get to the country lane doesn't quite match up! Suburban Essex/London borders for me :-(

But the good news is I have managed an activity every day (run/cycle/cycle/walk/exercise bike/cycle/cycle; counting one night shift 4.20am as the previous days toil) even though I hurt may calf on the first run last Sunday. I felt fine today, no twinges so tomorrow will be another run (hooray, I've really missed it!) :-)

No equipment damage for me; but I managed to get a new pair of men's running trousers in Aldi this afternoon - they are only doing medium and large this year, so hope they will fit and be as long in the leg as the XL I got last summer! I am going to dig out my swimming costume and venture down the pool one day this week; reports above of aching arms is spurring me on - my arms have only gone down 1cm with my 27lbs weight loss, so have some catching up to do to my waist/ribs/hips! ;-)

Well done everyone, great efforts so far; I am really enjoying this challenge so far, I know it's early days but loving being active every day!!! :-)


My knees are feeling it, but as I started the challenge early (I am now on day 49) that's not surprising. I'm gearing myself up to go another 50 :O I am really enjoying hearing what everyone has been up to :)


As I have said mant times, Swanscot is just amazing and a model to us all.

At a mere 54 K into the challenge my thighs are feeling it but I feel great!


Ach didnae be daft Delia! ;-)

I'm just very fortunate. I'm fortunate to live in a very beautiful part of the country with an inspiring landscape on my door step. I'm fortunate to have always been healthy and fit my whole life and to have a fit, outdoorsy family who too like hiking and biking.


I love it when you use Scots Gaelic :-)

I once taught a sociolinguistics at the University of Aberdeen... I have some great stories to tell about this Sassenach and a bunch of twenty-something Highlanders. And when we meet in person I shall recount with pleasure.

Anyway, do you happen to know how come, despite doing this challenge, I seem to have "dropped" between March and April on my Garmin graph?


It's not Gaelic just Scots, Now, as for the Aberdonian Doric... well that can be so difficult to understand.

The Garmin line graph is simply a total for each month, so yours shows you did 10 running activities in March and to date have done 3 in April. I really wish we could change the yellow recording line from swimming to walking. At the moment it's totally unused in most (all?) of my Garmin contacts.


I fact I only run 3 times a week. Can't swim. Never learnt to ride a bike, so the rest is just walking and exercise! Got some great walking coaching from audiofuel -- at one point you just HAVE to jog as walking at that speed would be impossible!

Re Aberdeen. Now, we were there in 1993. Italian husband. Italian accent. Young and hansome (at the time) he would be immediately served in shops. No problems in being understood. But Delia (heavily pregnant with rebecca and 18month jessica in tow) would never be understood despite her Queen's English.


Really enjoying the challenge at the moment. I'm still doing my programme with Laura....I start W8R1 on Tuesday. In between running I swim and walk :) I'm not too busy at the moment so it's easy but in a few weeks that will change so I will look at doing some strength and flex podcasts for those days.

I felt it a little in my legs on the walk today, but it should be ok by the morning....Got to go swimming! I think I will also try biking next weekend. I haven't done it for years but this is the time to try new things :) Overall, it's going well and I'm enjoying it sooo much :-D


Hi all, great week, what I've liked the most is doing something everyday, even if it is only to get the K in. Luckily it's been very nice round here.

Had a few twinges from cycling too fast I think, but that disappeared this afternoon, so on we go... :D

Loving the running, cyclings ok, might get different bike, feels a bit small and other half says he might use it - we'll see, I'm not holding my breath on having company on my bike rides just yet.


Day 9 today and feeling a bit tired, but finding the 5x50 so motivating. I've done 6 walks between 3 and 11K; two runs W6R2 and R3, and an hour of fitness circuits this morning. Will be upping the running sessions from now on and building in a swim once a week.


Our legs are tired feeling but we're going strong! We logged over 50 miles (25+ each) for the first week doing 4xrunning, 3xwalking. Everyone is doing great! :-) Gayle


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