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5 x 50 - would this be cheating ?

I'd planned to do something easier tonight as a sort of rest but I'm now wondering if I wouldn't be better off giving it a miss and trying to catch up tomorrow.

My ankles have been sore for weeks to varying degrees and this week my right calf has come out in sympathy and feels quite "knotted " so that I've been hobbling around between runs - it does usually ease off a bit after a mile or so but walking round the office during the day just hurts because I don't get a chance to loosen up.

Added to that, I seem to have a bit of a "shoe issue". I bought a pair of running shoes on line that were exactly the same as my trail shoes - they were half price and I thought it would make sense to buy them and keep them for when the first pair wore out. They've been sat in the box for weeks and weeks now and I thought I'd wear them for last Thursday's run. I was surprised to find them really uncomfortable so I put them aside until last night's run, when I thought I'd try them again but carefully loosened the laces so my foot didn't hurt. Again, throughout my run my right foot felt as though the laces were far too tight, even though they weren't. Today my whole foot hurts, including my big toe joint that is prone to arthritis. I can only assume that there is a manufacturing fault in that particular shoe - the left one feels fine.

Anyway, with all these niggling injuries and having had an upset stomach and sore eyes all day, I'm tending to think I should spend the evening resting and icing the injured bits. I'm hopeful that will make me feel better enough to do a very gentle 5k run or a session at the gym plus a 5k or more cycle tomorrow to make up for it. I'm torn between feeling guilty and doing what I think is the sensible thing ! Would it be cheating ?

:-( :-( :-(

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Hi SFB -

That is definitely not cheating - somewhere on the 5x50 site they even talk about making up for lost days (they suggest spreading the activity over a week so you'd be doing better than that). I almost lost a whole day lat week - only walked 1km and that was a struggle with a yucky cold I was probably going to get anyway but made worse by swimming.

Be sensible with your foot and rest up if you need to - if you feel guilty could you swim? In the end it's not worth getting injured longer term.

Good luck over the weekend!



Poor you, a mixture of things all at once :( Ann is right. Rest up and ice up. You can make up for it, but don't do it all at once: spread it out over 5 days or something just adding 1k a day. I would definitely keep off the running for a few days too.

Good luck, Theresa


Agree - listen to your poor body, and have a rest if it needs it, and don't rush to catch up too fast. (Maybe you've overdone it a bit and it's trying to tell you!) Those shoes sound a real nuisance.

You'll be fine again soon, just chill for a bit! :)


Thanks all - it's SO frustrating when the first 10 days made me feel all bouncy and happy ! I'm rubbish at swimming so that's not really an option but I should find it easier to fit everything in next week as well - BH will be working away so I won't bother cooking much and won't have to worry about neglecting him. I should be able to catch up comfortably. :-)


I agree with everyone else. Rest up, then just add in the missed time. I hope you feel better soon! :-) Gayle


Thank you, I'm resting :-)


Don't feel guilty I missed yesterdays session due to running out of time and having extremely sore shins. Sensible thing is to rest.

Today however I walked round London in the rain - I took my Garmin and we clocked at least 8 km so I have already made up 3 km of last night missing km's.


Oh, well done ! I shall see resting as a positive thing to do :-)

Reply makes such a difference. Although I haven't got any problems I was unable to do more than 2 km walk yesterday and what a difference it made to my run today. It was faster and easier :) Listen to your body sfb....I am going to take an easier day every week I think and just do some arm work or something that is lighter. Take care of yourself and enjoy your rest day ;)


Thank you, I'm going to have a gentle cycle ride this afternoon and hope that I'm rested enough for a run in the morning. Ankles are better today but I think they'd thank me for non-impact exercise today :-)


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