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5 x 50 Challenge - Keep Going Team

I have noticed over the last few days it has gone a bit quiet from the 5 x 50 Challenge Team. I have also noticed that yesterday (so far) the amount of km we did as a team is the lowest since we started approx. 300km (but still amazing)

So just wanted to say, keep going we are all doing amazing.

My shins are killing me (shin splints again), so trying to keep the high impact/running to a minimum and doing lots of strengthening exercises. I'm however determined to finish the challenge and hoping to be able to do some more running soon.

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Thanks for this encouraging post! I agree, everyone is doing amazingly well, It's not easy at the beginning, but it does start to be habitual, honest! I can't imagine a day without my 5k now!!

Oh, and about the aching shins, you're right to keep off the running and do anything but. Good luck with the next few days :)


I think the initial enthusiasm got everyone doing more than needed but it's day 12 now and we're all feeling it!

I only graduated less than a month ago so I've kept to the bare minimum of 5k or equivalent because I was scared of injury/burning out (with the exception of a long walk last Sunday).

We ARE amazing, especially when you look at the other teams :D


Funny that, I looked at the graph and thought the same - that it was the lowest amount recorded so far but yes we are all still doing really well! :) I agree with Khrissy that maybe some got a tad over-enthusiastic at the beginning and are now keeping to the 5k but that is fine as that is what the challenge is!

It is becoming a habit now for me to walk to and from the station every day for work which is a good thing and to walk at lunchtimes instead of sitting at my desk and yesterday I actually had the best day racking up the most km's for me by walking and a super 7k run in the evening!

We need some good motivating blogs from the team to help keep us going! Come on troops! Heads up, shoulders back - we WILL nail this challenge! We ARE the biggest team! WE JUST ROCK!!! 8-)


p.s. Look after those shins!


We are sticking to averaging 5K a day, much for the same reasons as Krissy stated. It has bitter cold here with high wind the past few days, so it has been a challenge in itself to get out in the crap. :-( Honestly, if not for the challenge, we would of stayed indoors! :-) Thankfully, we have this board to keep conversations and motivation flowing about the challenge. As Sue mentioned, we just rock!!! :-) :-) Gayle


I'm keeping going and still very motivated but not doing anything exciting - just running and walking. Seem to be coming down with a cold so may just be walking for a few days.


I forgot to log mine yesterday so i've updated it now. I'm quite tired and my calves and achilles tendons are rather sore so I'm planning to give running a miss until Sunday. Still loving the challenge and extra motivation though.

Well done everyone ! :-)


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