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5 X 50 - A toning experience?


Whew, well what an experience the last seven weeks has been. I've really enjoyed the team spirit on here. It certainly kept me motivated on a few days that I almost wimped out of doing anything. I ran, did S&F, exercises classes, zumba and loads of walking.

Other than improving my exercise routine, my main aims were to tone my thighs and get better at running uphill. So I did lots of walking up every hill or little incline I could find. And on my runs I did more uphill than ever before.

And the results after 7 weeks: PB at parkrun - :) :)

Weight : lost 5lbs (how that happened with the increase in chocolate consumed, I don't know).

Toning: 1inch off bust, nearly 2 off waist, 1 inch off hips, and half an inch off thighs.

I'm really surprised at the change in such a short period and with no change in diet. Shows what a difference increasing your exercise routine can make. Just wish I could do something about those thighs!

How about everyone else?

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wow, what a fantastic achievement, very impressive. I did not sign up for 5x50 as I thought my body would not cope.

But now I have graduated and getting fitter, plus being very inspired by everyone who took part, I will most definitely be signing up for the next challenge.

And if you can carry on eating chocolate, I can carry on drinking whisky! (just not too much)

jenniejGraduate in reply to alcopop

Oh I do like a nice malt - esp after a stressful day at work. Good to hear you're getting fitter and that you'll join us next year. We'll be some team! :)


I really enjoyed the 5x50 challenge. You are quite right there was such a lovely team spirit that it kept you going even when you felt you couldn't carry on. I am in awe of the people who managed such huge distances, I'm afraid I did the bare minimum on most of the days. :)

jenniejGraduate in reply to loulou51

No need to apologise. You completed the challenge and it wasn't easy. I found it surprisingly hard some days to get out there, even to do a walk. So well done on your achievement. Our team rocks ! :)

greenlegsGraduate in reply to loulou51

We wouldn't have got to 20,000 km without everyone doing their bit!

Though far more important was the change in habits. Having a challenge like that really is very motivating - and maybe small changes are more likely to carry on than big ones!

jenniejGraduate in reply to greenlegs

You're absolutely right about small changes are more likely to be carried on. I went for a walk tonight, and I was just thinking that I know I cant continue doing as much as I have done over the last 50 days. I was feeling a bit despondent about that but you've crystallised my thoughts, and one small change like an evening walk I should be able to do most evenings. Thank you!


Congratulations on the weight loss and inches lost! Your dedication paid off big time! I did not lose even 1 measly ounce but I hope I lost an inch or two. Going to measure tonight! I agree with Di, everyone did what was asked of them by the challenge and we did it up big time by reaching 20,000+!!!! :-) Gayle

jenniejGraduate in reply to gdeann

Gayle, I fully agree. Everyone did what was asked of them and we did it in style ! It was a fantastic team effort, truly impressive. It was so great having the forum support us as well. Let us know how the measurement goes. Good luck! :) Jennie


I lost about an inch off my waist and half a stone, but I started strictly counting calories 3 weeks ago.

I have found running excellent for controlling my weight but not losing it.

jenniejGraduate in reply to George42

Congratulations on the weight loss. That's quite a loss in just a few weeks. Well done!

George42Graduate in reply to jenniej

I know, it was mostly week 1, took 2 weeks to lose the next pound.

5x50 plus advice from pastyman on myfitnesspal are what made it possible though.

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I'm similar to you Jennie. Lost 4lb, inch off bust (boo), waist and hips and three-quarters of an inch off each thigh. I did find my appetite went down though and I certainly couldn't eat as much by the end as at the start. Just didn't fancy sweet stuff really (I had given up chocolate in the six week run up to 5x50 which made a difference too). Also I think I was conscious that I'd have exercise ot do later in the evening usually so didn't want to have too full a stomach, and then didn't usually feel like eating any more after it. I've eaten a lot more nuts than before and I think they have improved my hair and nails (could be the blood boost too). Generally feel million times better - as one of my blogs put it, my three-word slogan now is "Trimmer, stronger, bendier" (c)Tati And after my run yesterday I could substitute "faster" in there.

jenniejGraduate in reply to Tati

Well done Tati. Isnt it amazing the change we can make in just 7 weeks. I honestly wouldn't have believed exercise could make such a difference in such a short time. I'm already planning a new wardrobe as jeans/trousers dont fit now. :)

Interesting your appetite went down. I dont think mine changed much. I certainly cant do without my daily fix of chocolate - I always have a couple of big bars in the fridge, coffee & chocolate together is heaven for me! I'll try eating more nuts - thanks for the tip. Love your slogan - esp the addition of 'faster' . :) :)


I put in 2.6kg - mind you, with one lad back from Australia, another just finished his undergradduate studies, and the twins' birthday (and of course the 5x50 party on Sunday evening) the last two weeks have been one celebratory meal after another. So it's probablly unfair to blame it on 5x50 :)

But otherwise, I agree - running is an excellent way of controlling weight.

Once Aussie son goes home, I'll be back on the straight and narrow and the kg will come off as quickly as they went on - i.e. by the end of the month I'll be back at my target weight. And glad of it ... I've had to put on a "regular" fit shirt this morning. Not as nice as my new "slim fit" ones

jenniejGraduate in reply to Malcy

Ummm no I dont think you can blame 5x50 for the weight gain! Very impressive that you could keep going with the challenge with all the family celebrations happening. Sounds like great fun. :)

I have no doubt you'll get back to your target weight very quickly. Good luck with your next half marathon ! :)


I lost an inch of each thigh, nothing off my calf, an inch off my waist and 1kg/4lbs weight. I had lost half a stone before I started C25K in autumn 2011 and don't seem to be losing weight but definitely changing shape. Down 1-2 dress sizes depending on the cut

People (including OH) all say I am looking great and more to the point I feel great and proud of myself!

Few days to settle after our hype of the weekend then I start the GCC challenge on Thursday for 16 weeks- 10000 steps a day which I want to top up by running and cycling. I really enjoyed cycling on the challenge and realised the benefit of going somewhere nice rather than just pounding the local streets.

Onwards and upwards!

jenniejGraduate in reply to avensis

Well done you! That's brillliant. It makes it so worthwhile when you get compliments like that.

GCC challenge - is that the Civil Service challenge? 16 weeks - that is very impressive. Keep us posted on how you get on. Good luck ! :)

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