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5 x 50 challenge - no cyclist but 10k this morning

Only second time I have attempted to go out on bike as I really am not confident on a bike, so only happy early on a Sunday morning before everyone else is up and out in their cars. I was going to cycle round the village a couple of times approx. 8k but instead decided to venture down to the next village down a very steep hill. I went very slowly with my brake on most of the way down but I was amazed I didn't get off and just walk. I did a bit loop round and end up at the bottom of another big hill, no way I could cycle up (don't think I've ever seen anyone cycle up it ) so dismounted and walked. That was hard enough, I then cycled the rest of the way home so 10k bike ride plus walk up steep hill. Felt really proud of myself for making the effort as when I woke up this morning - very nearly stayed in bed!!!!

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Well done you - that was a really good effort, especially the push up the long hill - and brave to ride down the hill too, as I think I remember you commenting about hills before?

You have a 'spare' day in reserve now, if you need a day off. ;)


The 5 x 50 challenge is even better than I expected - I'd intended to just use cycling as a rest from running. It's probably more than a year since I last cycled, despite good intentions, but I enjoyed my cycle to work last week and my cycle ride yesterday was a joy, although, like you, I was cautious on the fast downhills - especially the gravelly ones ! I used it as an opportunity to explore, like I did when I was a kid. I may have to get a cycle helmet - never thought I'd do that as I hate them !

Congratulations on your 10k :-)

I don't try to be quick but I do aim not to let the hills beat me - my bicycle has lots of gears ! Then I allow myself to stop for drinks and taking photos.


Very well done on your 10K bike ride I'm with you on the confidence issue - I stay well away from traffic. First thing Sunday morning is just about do-able for me, as long as I stay away from the one-way system in town here :x Hills look nice but that's about all they have in their favour, isn't it? Not good for running or cycling!

I cycled as well today - a first solo (for many years) effort! I didn't do as well as you though - I was about 3km from home when the bike started making an alarming noise and an even more alarming vibration up through my bottom! I got off to inspect and a kind Samaritan stopped to ask if I had a problem. Fortunately he was able to diagnose the loose wheel (yes - wonderful that) and even had a spanner to tighten it up again so I was able to cycle home again.

So this damsel in distress only rode 6km - which is at least the 5km I needed - but OK. Back to running tomorrow :-)


Oh that was lucky. My bike needs some adjustment, I think my handle bars are too low so will adjust them before I go out again.


Yes - it wouldn't have been good if it had come off when I was in mid-ride! I think I need to learn some basic bike maintenance and maybe start carrying the essentials. I did ask my husband (keen cyclist) what I should do if I got a puncture and he said phone home! This time it was still (just) rideable (but clearly a sick bike) so I didn't want to call him out unnecessarily.

Regarding adjustment - I think I could do with handlebars higher as well. I did think the saddle was too high but I've got used to that now and it would be harder to ride if it were lower. The things this 5x50 is teaching me!


Well done, morningglory - and the other 'new to cycling or returning' cyclists - it's good you used the excuse of the challenge to try this. I love cycling, and love the past few months (cycling when signed-off running), I've seen a marked improvement in my fitness. I have a couple of 'test hills' that I see how far I can go before having to get off and push! I can do them both now, and may have to move on to Killer Hill!


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