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3 days late but I did it wk 6 run 3 oh yeah

Well it may have taken me an extra three days but I did it and and and I ran for the last two mins of the cool down. Ok ok I know that I shouldn't but I am not following Laura just couldn't go the lousy music so the programme I am on the run was 22 mins. I know that the result is the same but I thought if I could run the extra two mins ok it was after a break but it was psychological. Carlos Santana was telling me it was because I was so smooth lol and yes I believed him. Am psyched recovered quite quickly ok still on treadmill but tomorrow a small jog to the beach is in order. To everyone here who gave me support a massive hug you are the best keep happy and keep running we can be at the finishing line.

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Yay well done. :-) I guess it doesn't really matter who you are listening too so long as you are out there doing it. :-)

Good luck for week 7. :-)


Well done on getting through Week 6. I totally agree the music is lousy, I did W7R2 on my own music and actually as a result I was going slightly quicker, then went back to Laura for W7R3 and found it much harder to get my pace again. I think I might have to dump Laura from now on, weirdly, I will quite miss her quite patronising comments that she makes every now and again though.


Terrific achievement, well done! :D I too have abandoned the pod's music... was driving me nutty with tedium! Now we're on the continuous running weeks, let's enjoy our own stuff. I've made up some 'albums' timed carefully to last 25, 28 and 30 minutes (very easy to do with your own music on Windows Media Player and presumably iTunes too). You will almost certainly forget the order of stuff you load into your album. Then at the end pop on something really silly to let yourself know that you've hit the time target and can slow down to the walk. I used the Monty Python theme ... made me smile, and sigh a huge breath as I was quite close to legs giving out ... such a relief to hear it. Beamed all the way home. Yes, I miss Laura's gentle words, but not enough to return to her for these last few weeks... I'll stick with my own eclectic sounds and smile lots as a result. Enjoy the beach run .... am so pea-green envious of your location... you'll have a ball. Cheers Linda x :)


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