Couch to 5K

20 mins .......Oh yeah.........I blooming well did it!!

As the dreaded week 5 run 3 was approaching and after reading loads of blog posts re gait analysis, I took myself to the nearest running shop that did this( 25 miles away in Bristol). Super friendly people there got me running on the treadmill and told me that a) I already had good trainers b) my running was ok. They did tell me about running socks and even though I was not sure they would make a difference, I purchased a couple of pairs. - after all they could have tried to sell me trainers I did not need so it was the least I could do.

Anyway, today was the day for the big '20 minutes with no walking' so I felt prepared. I was actually thinking about it all day at work. As soon as the clock turned 5pm, I rushed to the loo to get changed into my running gear , threw my work clothes in a bag under my desk and I was free......

I tuned into Laura and started my run. My legs seemed to be working well and I think I was a little faster than normal. I thought I must have done 10 mins and then Laura told me it was 5 mins. I argued with her for a second and told her she must be wrong but she wouldn't budge. I then decided to slow it down a bit to a ' just above a walk type of jog' and plodded on. I was quite amazed at how the time went. At some point Laura told me this was more of a mental challenge than physical and this helped me on. The last 5 mins went the quickest which really surprised me. As soon as I had finished the 20 mins I was so elated and smiling so much! It justs goes to show it must have been those new running socks!

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great news Trix, it really is such an achievment to get that 20 minutes under your belt and it gets better from here ;-) enjoy the journey!


Well done, but I think you deserve more credit than the socks ! You're the one who was strong enough to beat the mental challenge :-)


Congrats! I do my 20 minutes tomorrow...almost looking forward to it after reading your post (almost). Keep up the great work!


Congrats! I just did the same run today and shared many of those same feelings. (Laura' must be off her friggin clock!) Best wishes for smooth runs next week.


Well done, I did that run this morning and agree it is more of a mental challenge. My legs were quite happy but my brains was saying I couldn't go on and with Laura keeping quiet I felt quite panicky at times about hom much longer i'd got to go. But did do it!


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