W9r3 I did it, I did it, yeah, yeah,yeah!!!!!!! :) :) :)

And I LIKED it!

I was thinking as I ran about the place of running in my life. Back in the 80s when I was a teenager with an avid interest in teenage boys, a lot of lads used to run up and down the very hilly streets where we lived. They were a hardy lot, out in all weathers and they really ran hard - long strides, moving fast, heels flying up. My neighbour and I made a couple of attempts to go for a run having observed this carefully. It always ended with us bent over double, gasping for breath. We decided running wasn't for us. Over the years I've done various sports but never got on with running, always ended the same. Now I've learnt to run slowly and it is like a eureka experience to see how well this works and trains your body.

At the end of today's run when the trumpets blared (you'll know if you've run w9), I felt so good I picked up my heels and ran fast. It felt so blooming marvellous that I just kept going after Laura said time was up Felt like I could keep running for miles and I felt like I was up there with those 15 yr olds from my distant past. Ran on fast for another 5min and only stopped because I was practically home by then. Why did I do it? Ha! Get this: FOR THE PURE JOY OF RUNNING. Looooooooong way from w1.

I plan to stick around on the forum for a bit because it is such a nice community and I find it so motivating to read other runners' experiences and I really, really want to know how everyone else's running journey works out and see all your graduation posts. So no slacking off you lot! Thanks to everyone who replied to any of my posts. You don't know how much it helps keep us all motivated maybe but take it from me, it definitely does.


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30 Replies

  • Congratulations ☺☺☺☺

    Well done. Sounds like you're hooked!!

  • Oh thank you. :) I'm hooked definitely. I come home with a big grin on my face, feeling sparkly and happy even if I don't feel quite that during the run usually

  • Congratulations! It is such a buzz isn't it?! You are now a fully qualified running addict...and the journey is just beginning!😀🏃🏻😀🏃🏻😀

  • Thanks Sandra, I can't stop smiling, I'm so happy. I'm a woman who runs - finally at 49!

  • I am 50! And proud to say I run further now than I have in my life! Currently up to 8k with my first 10k event in March. 😀

  • Wow Sandra, good for you. 10k still sounds scary to me

  • Congratulations! Well done. I heard the trumpet fanfare when i was out running up a hill earlier. I thought it was for me 😊

    Resist the urge to run hard, far or fast. I know adrenalin is addictive and how easy it is to get carried away with your new-found skill but you are a beginner so need to grow your running legs very gradually. Great fun though, and I hope you will enjoy the journey ☺

  • Thanks misswobble, did you also hear me shrieking, yes!!!!!! Don't worry I'm a member of the slow and steady brigade but I was just having my moment

  • I didn't hear you as your screams of joy were drowned out by my puffing, panting and wheezing. Still, it was fun. When it was over 😊

  • Look how much I have come to like it but back at school we had to doncross country runs. We LOATHED them, slithering about in mud, usually rain and it also involved dragging yourself up what seemed a very steep hill. A friend of mine lived directly opposite the school gates so what my friends and I did was race up the steep school drive way ahead of the pack - and straight into her house. We'd sit there eating toast and watching tele until we saw the lead runners go through the gates and back down the drive. Then we'd sprint down to the finish after that lot. I remember some of the younger kids looking at me awestruck and saying everyone else is bright red and looks exhausted when they come back but you look really good. Ha ha. And to think I like it now

  • Well done I'm really pleased for you and I'm glad you had your final moment. I didn't hear trumpets but I did a simple Andy Murray style fist pump. No noise but a very good feeling none the less. I do wonder how many people ignore Laura on that final run.

    Your last post made me really laugh because we did exactly the same thing at our school. Tea and toast at a friends house and back "breathless but not sweating" to the school gates. The school had a number of good quality runners (one of them ended up an Olympic medalist and world champion) and anyone who couldn't run was well down the pecking list but I'm sure the teachers weren't really bothered by a few lost souls.

  • Haha we were wiley back in the day but you're right, we thought we were pulling one over them but the teachers probably knew what we were up to

  • Yes wiley, but we were caught once so I think the answer to the question posed is, they definitely knew what we were doing but they had better quality ingredients to work with.

    You'll be pleased to know I'm raising a glass in your honour!

  • Oops :)

    oh thanks. I feel like saying," here everyone have one on me!"

  • Well done, I'm so pleased for you, I can't wait to reach the end or the beginning depending how you look at it. Keep posting, you're so right about the motivation.

  • Thanks Paul. Definitely going to keep up this caper. Wish I could rope my whole family in the way you have but they are having any of it. I've found a group that go running in the forest at the weekend and my plan is to join them in summer. Beginners run 8k so I need to build up to running that kind of distance comfortably first. Being in a group once a week should keep me motivated and the other 2 runs I'll just carry on from home as I've been doing but with my own music.

  • Absolutely brilliant ! Well done , very well deserved !

    Congratulations to you ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy, you're all so lovely on here

  • Yeah! Congratulations. What a way to graduate too... very impressed.

    Carry on enjoying your running, it sounds like you will.:)

  • Thanks Jan. I hope I don't backslide without the motivation of progressing through the programme. Been giving it some thought. I think I'd like to slowly work up to being able to run for an hour at my usual slow pace but for now I'm resting on my laurels and plan to just keep running 3x30 mins for a month or so before trying anything else. Just enjoying being able to do it still sounds great to me at this stage.

  • Congratulations! I hope you are feeling very proud and planning all sorts of lovely running adventures.

  • Thanks Ully, i am feeling really happy that I found this programme and just went ahead and did it. Five or 6 years ago (!) I'd mentioned to someone that I'd been thinking about taking up running and he'd said, "why don't you try the c25k?" I didn't know what it was and didn't bother looking it up and it came back to me mid 2015 so I looked it up, downloaded the podcasts and...well, I didn't do it. Glad I've finally found my running legs though :)

  • Now that was what I was waiting for! Well done!! Congratulations!!! Have really enjoyed reading your posts and been glad of your encouragement. Here's to the future punishment of our running shoes :-) :-) :-)

  • Thanks wez :) We are real runners now and must keep at it. Have you made any running plans? I'm thinking I'll continue chugging along doing 3 x30 min at ny usual breath-taking speed for another month or so then I'm thinking about trying to gradually build up to 60 min. Not sure how realistic or sane this is. I was thinking of downloading the 5+ podcasts in February and seeing how I got on with them. What are you going to do?

  • Like you, going to stick to what I know now really but am thinking of a 30 minute for first one of the week, the loop that has taken me 5k for my second of the week then at the weekend just adding a quarter of km each week or so to see if I can notch it up. If I go all out and try and do too much I'll end up injured or burnt out! Just so pleased to be able to know that we can do this, and can now add our own flexibility to it :-)

  • That sounds like a good plan. Have found a 5k run near me in 4 months time in aid of cancer research. Since I know the route and can practise it beforehand, I plan to sign up for that. Not wanting to make a total fool of myself will keep me motivated to continue running. I have announced it to the family and they seem suitably impressed. Was wondering whether to just volunteer instead and observe how these things work but seems the die is cast.

  • Brilliant Bop! Graduated myself a couple of weeks ago so know exactly how you're feeling...onwards and upwards now.

  • Thanks boogie :) So glad I did this programme. Look how many of us have turned into runners because of it.

  • I heard some good advice on here about only increasing 10% each week to fend off injury.. Well done you lot

  • Yep, I've read that on here too and it sounds like good advice. I've been injury free so far and touch wood it stays that way so not in a hurry to push myself.

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