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First 5k!

Well, after an overindulgent birthday weekend over Easter, I was not surprised that my run this Tuesday was a measly effort. I just couldnt get back into it, but I did stuff it up trying another route that didnt work for me, so off out again Wednesday evening and it was a tadge better, but still only 26 mins and 3.3K, I was struggling this week with motivation. I dont know why, think I might just be too tired at the moment. I started reading some other runner forums about being overtired and tried to remember why I did this in the first place! Running tonight really was the last thing I felt like doing but with another busy weekend coming up and maybe no opportunity to squeeze a session in, I put the gear on with a heavy heart and set off, freezing, windy but sunny so that lifted me a bit. Then I started playing about with the route a bit and then bang, 8 minutes or so in I stopped. Why does that happen? I am bewildered! I was so cross I almost immediately set off again and the whoof, 17 minutes, stopped again! Walked maybe 30 seconds giving myself the most almighty telling off then changed my music and it was like a switch coming on. I just found the pace and went with it , even singing! Eh? How totally bizarre. I ran past my house and just kept going to the point where I realised if I didnt turn around I was going to be walking a long way back so I jumped over the road and headed back. Why in the last 15/20 minutes did I feel so good? I have no flipping idea. But I ran all the way home, stopped the app, and BINGO. 5.15K,,,,,,,,in 42 minutes. Alright, I know Im not really Forrest Gump but I am so chuffed to have made the distance. I know the time is ......rubbish, but I dont care, I can run 5k!

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Well done!

I think for me running is 3 parts.

1. Breathe okay?

2. Legs okay?

3. Head okay?

If all 3 are not pulling their weight together it's hard. I call the 'give up voice' - my gremlin. It usual visits once a week or so.

Sounds like you cracked it though this evening and well done on the 5km goal achievement! :-)


Thanks Lynds, that does actually strike a chord because the second time I stopped, Im sure I told myself it was my legs! Makes me feel a bit better than Im not alone with it :-)


Fantastic! 5.15k is just great :) It doesn't matter that you stopped - intervals are good for us, right :D Some runs are just better than others, but I'm so glad that this one just suddenly came right for you. Happy running!


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