First park run

So I plucked up the courage to join, I only did the 2k route as I took my young son with me, I was initially put off as when everyone started they all sprinted off, I kept my normal pace and so I was last but it didn't last, lots of the sprinters had stopped by around 3 minutes, I ran past them thinking ha ha the toutoise won the race. It just goes to show it really isn't about speed. I finished in 28th place out of 40 so I was quite pleased, I may even do the 5k next.

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  • Hey, well done you! Great start to park running, and good on you for not being discouraged by the fast starters.

  • Well done :)

  • A great post, really motivating, loved the bit where they all ran off and you caught up. Good for you, I think you have encouraged me to have a go..........maybe.....

  • Seriously do it, I did think omg why am I here when they all sprinted off, even my little boy left me for dust, but I held my head up high and jogged past them, most of them walking and gasping for air. Slow and steady didn't win the race but I wasn't last.

  • Have just registered, so now I just have to go! Eek! This week or next, I am one step nearer. Thank you for the shove! Oops! I mean encouragement😬 😀

  • 1234...5k 😊🍸

  • Now you know, McFitty I will have to give it a go! 😬 even if I end up walking the middle bit. 🍸 Chink! 🍸One for Clairratc for doing it 🍸 Another for me for thinking about it!

    Roll on the 20th!!!!

  • Double Chink 🍻 ( that's me thinking about it...and then thinking twice) 😂

  • Go girl. I chickened out and only did the 2k, maybe I'll feel braver next week.

  • I might do the one lap which is 2.5, we'll see..........

  • 2k is brave enough, especially for your first one!

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