Week 7 Run 3, My first "failure"

I struggled through about 21 minutes then it was just like I hit a wall. I'd just listened to Laura telling me I had 5 minutes to go, just thinking I could do this then I stopped. My legs felt like lead and although I tried I just couldn't get going again. I went a different route that strangely all seemed to be uphill, I even turned round at one point thinking I'd do a bit downhill and it still looked like I was going uphill, makes no sense whatsoever!

I'm trying to tell myself it's not a failure. I still ran for over 20 minutes, I still got off my backside and did some exercise, I'm still much fitter than 7 weeks ago.


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  • Hopefully you are using quotes because you know that it's not a failure to not complete a run. I myself "failed" on Week 7 Run 1 last week which is strange as I had already done it a few days before as it was the same as Week 6 Run 3. There are lots of reasons why one day we can complete something and another we struggle so don't beat yourself up about it :-) This will be my third attempt at Week 7 Run 1 today (because I start off too fast), we just have to keep going!!!

  • Exactly Fay, as this is my second attempt I'm treating as a plan to get fit for life rather than a course to race through. Last time I failed to complete quite a few, it took me three attempts to do W5R3 which I nailed first time this time. Good luck with your run today x

  • As you already know - this is far from being a 'failed run'. Sometimes these things happen and we can't always pinpoint why. You got out there and did a run - that is a success. If it's any consolation, since I graduated, I've been unable to complete a 30 minute run except once. Heavy legs, etc. The one time I did complete it I ended up with a minor injury - my first - which can be a bit unnerving. In my case, I know what the cause is and am looking to sort that out. I'm sure your next run will be fine. Maybe an extra day's rest might help if you are happy with that idea. It may be that you need to slow down a bit more. Good luck with your next run and very best wishes.

  • Exactly! So stop beating yourself up! There could be any number of reasons why it seemed mega tough and some runs just don't feel good. Could have been the different route, perhaps you are lacking energy. Whatever it is you still managed a 20 min run, you got out there and you weren't sitting on your bottom so it's not a failure is it?

    Some runs are crap but take a rest day and the next one might be wonderful. Sometimes that's what happens :D

  • It's not a failure just a run that didn't go as planned We all have them You should be proud of what you have achieved in only 7weeks Well done

  • We all have bad runs sometime for a variety of reasons. Just shrug it off and don't worry. Have a good rest tomorrow and you will probably find it all goes fine next time. Good luck.

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