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5K+ first time post Grad Stepping Stones Podcast

Well, today I ran the first of the Stepping Stones podcast. Ran later than usual, as dropped hubby off at the hospital for his Endoscopy en route.

I had no idea what to expect, as I don't preview the new runs. This time I was asked to keep to the beat. First ten minutes 150 bpm, 2nd 155 bpm, and lastly 160bpm. Good old Laura was keeping tabs, and every so often asking how I was doing then counting 1,2,3,4, 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 by which time I'd picked up the rhythm again. It's all about posture too, head up, shoulders down and relaxed, arms bent at 90 degrees, which fortunately I had been doing anyway. Hard at first, but I think the run on Wednesday will be an improvement on today-still got a bad cough, and nose running. So, plenty of nose blowing and water drinking along the way. Burst into tears at the end-making my slow cool down walk back to the car. It suddenly really hit me today just how far i have come in 9 short (yes, they are short) weeks :-).

Came home, showered, breakfast then out to Lidl's, where I did most of my Christmas shopping in the form of DVD set of the Olympic Games ceremonies. Grand daughter Phoebe's stocking gifts bought too, and I couldn't resist the decorations. Get down there before they all go :-).

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Well done on the Stepping Stones, I did it a couple of times last week and enjoyed it. I tried the speed one today - a bit exhausting but hoping it'll improve my speed over 5k. It is amazing how far we've all come - it's easy to forget sometimes! Will have to have a wee jaunt to Lidl's tomorrow - sounds like there's some good stuff in (again!). Best wishes to your hubby.


I get emotional at times too thinking how in a few short weeks we are "runners" :-) Without the interest of C25K I would of never found this community and all of the wonderful people here. I tried stepping stones last week and will be doing it again. :-) Now, you know how to celebrate...SHOPPING! ;-) Gayle


:D I so agree with you Gayle!. Well done Oona for upping your pace so swiftly. Recon I will hug onto Stepping Stones until i get it right-though may surprise myself, you never know :-). Thank you Oona I will pass on your greeting to Richard.

Either of you live anywhere near Poole, Dorset by any chance?? :-)



Well done Colette, and thanks for the info on the Stepping Stones, was thinking what to do next so I'll go with that one and see how I get on :) Hope everything went well with hubby today and look after yourself with that cough & cold. Sharyn xx


Will email you re hubby Sharyn. yep-stepping stones is the way to go. The system works! Those who have said it doesn't help them further their running career are probably ex runners anyway-I found it most useful, so go for it :-) Colette xx


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