I couldn't complete week seven run three- first incomplete run - gutted!

I don't understand, tuesday I didn't have any motivation but had an amazing run, then tonight I had been waiting to run all day and I just could not do it, stopped just after the half way point for a min, tried again for about three minutes, then stopped again for about four mintues, then ran for about six minutes! Tried a new route - could it be that?

what do I do now? Should I repeat the run or should I move to week eight runone and hope that this was a bad day? Totally gutted that I stopped - no pain just ran out of steam. It's not even like I had stitch and I was breathing as I normally do - has anyone else had this? Did I just let my head get the better of me?

:( Don't think I was going to fast either!!! What did I do wrong? pants...


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10 Replies

  • You didn't finish. You can always walk a bit and then once you get your breath back you start running again til you've finished the job. Just don't give in

  • I think it is just the Head Gremlins - I really suffered with them tonight but just kept telling myself run another minute and another. I would just chock it up to experience and go for the week 8 run 1. Some people repeat runs but you've already run 25 minutes twice so you know you can do it. Take you're rest day and on to week 8. I set myself a challenge to do 5k in 27 mins before I'm 52 and hence skipped a rest day which wasn't wise so I can fit all the runs in before next Sunday. I think you just need to focus on what you want to do and you'll get there. Good luck

  • Aw Redfinn, please don't beat yourself up over this. Have a rest day tomorrow and try it again Saturday or Sunday. You've come so far, so get that chin up , take a deep breath, keep calm and get out there , you can do it :-) xxx

  • Wow - good luck with the 5k in 27 minutes :) Will be cheering for you. I like the idea of doing it one minute at a time when the "head gremlins" are whispering. Think I will take a stop watch and do that with the next run just in case it happens again.

    Thanks for the quick responses, needed a boost of support :)

  • Don't worry redfinn, we've all had runs like that. The 1st bad run is always a test, just get back on the road in a few days and don't worry about it. Remember any exercise is still positive and think how far you've come since week one. xx

  • I read somewhere on here that if you count every five minutes as a major milestone it really pushes you to keep going :) it really helps me, especially when it gets to the 20minute mark..... "I've ran all this time, what's five more minutes" good luck :D

  • At the moment, I'm on the same week as yourself. I run the same route on the first two runs and have music in my ear specifically a playlist I've created because I know which song should get me to the end. I know the sights that I reach and roughly how long it should take me to get there. When the gremlins in my head say, "stop you can't do this", I use the experience of the first run to say "Yes you can, you've done this before" and it keeps me going. I have yet to get to run 3 which I will do tomorrow and my route will change(it's an enforced change but I am going to try and keep to roughly the same route for the reasons given above). Keep your chin up and remember that the runs are more about fighting the demons than about the fact you can't do it. You know you can and it is getting your mind to believe that you can do it, even if you have to slow down to almost walking pace. Good Luck but don't be disheartened.

  • We ALL have bad runs, I have had many!!! The key thing is to get back on the saddle again ( as it were!!) and redo it to have that sense of achievement....perhaps get a mantra, slow right down if its tough and tell the gremlin on your shoulder to F*** Off because you are a runner now :)

  • Hey redfin, don't worry - as you can see, we all have bad runs. I had 2 bad runs on the trot on week 9 but was determined not to give in and aced my final run! Don't let those gremlins in your head tell you that you can't do this - you are on week 7 so you really can't be bad at this, can you? Keep the faith...... : )

  • I found run2 of week 7 really hard. I'm supposed to do run3 tomorrow but really dreading it. Someone who has completed the program told me they repeated week 7 and that it was much better.

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